Film Fashion - Confess: Can This Shopaholic Dress?

As I trawl through my Sophie Kinsella book collection to kill time, I can't help but get excited about the next onslaught of fashion porn that will soon be added to my DVD collection. Oh yes, Confessions of a Shopaholic comes out on DVD at the end of the month, and boy, am I excited. The guilty pleasure of watching yet another Manhattanite wearing ridiculous clothes and fabulous shoes tottering from store to store to a pumping pop soundtrack is just too good to resist.

Note, I say 'ridiculous' clothes, as many in the industry believe that Patricia Field, of Sex and the City fame and stylist for the film, lost her touch and the plot with Becky's wardrobe. Having read the books, I couldn't help but compare their very British, Hobbs-wearing, Kurt Geiger-loving heroine to the Americanised multi-coloured bimbo that the producers transformed Becky into, and I have to admit that the comparisons to Carrie Bradshaw's later fashion are apt. 'Carrie's Little Sister', the glossy mags called her, and the Americanised Miss Bloomwood is pretty close.

But does her style work? The beauty of Becky's look is that it is an expression both of mood and personality - in an office she wears colour, but muted and co-ordinated with pencil skirts. But on the street, out shopping and to her best friend's wedding (see that pink dress above? Would YOU let your bridesmaid wear that?), Becky adds bold colour clashes, textures and styles to her look, all set off by her flaming red hair.

Could there BE any more colours in this look? Becky wears her trademark green scarf (or Denny and George scarf in the book) which clashes with the cute mini-skirt, which looks like silk and again contrasts with the purple belt and blouse.

She also appears to be carrying two handbags; the orange one suiting the jacket nicely but the yellow just contributing to the 'wow' factor that induces such polar opposite reactions. But with that flawless skin and those legs, it's hard NOT to pull off a look.

It's quite clear from Becky's style that the individuality and free spirit that categorises Field's handiwork - most of Becky's outfits could not be worn by mere mortals in real life But they do champion a mantra that seems to come across quite strongly with Field's costume choices - be yourself, find your own style, and anything is possible if you believe you can WORK IT! So work it Becky, because most of the rest of us couldn't.

But one thing I will always have in common with Becky?

A slight storage problem.
And wayyyyyyy too many shoes.

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  1. Hi there Miss Redheadfashionista:)

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. Yes, being a redhead gives a totally unique perspective on everything!! so much more interesting don't you think?
    ps. I love Isla Fisher as Rebecca Bloomwood and that she's a redhead. Too bad though the film barely resembles the book!!



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