How Real Girls Wear...Printed Jeans

I have got my first skinny jeans fix, but now, as always, I want more. The season calls for the distressed, the ripped, the acid washed and the studded; the 80s demin explosion has re....exploded in the 00s.
But I want something different. Something bold, dramatic and heroic, as my favourite animated fashionista Edna Mode said. Oh yes, ladies and a few wayward gents, it's time for the bright statement jeans.
Back in the 70s, Vivienne Westwood and patrons of her shop 'Sex' were alllll about the tartan jeans. But nowadays, tartan is just about the most tame you can get, and as demonstrated by Miss Moss over there in her skinny red jeans, will add the punk to your look. If this is daunting, go for a simple and sweet pastel pair, the top pick of Sloanes and the continental trend-setters and also perfect for casual summer sophistication. Zara, Uniqulo and Topshop have a good crop of these, with H&M preferring to go for edgier darker colours as well. I found this nice montage of how much variety can be found in the acid washed jeans field alone...but I want something even bolder.
So, my patterned jeans quest continued. I drew inspiration from the punk trend, a neatened-up variant of which my esteemed fellow blogger brainsbeauty refers to as 'Rebel Rich'; 70s punk with the obligatory 00s polish. I may mess up my hair, but it's always clean, and my smudged eyeliner is smudged strategically.
But more on the punk look later. Currently, I was on a jeans mission.
And, just like that, the perfect pair fell into my hands. I was riffling through the H&M rails in search of that zebra-print jumpsuit that's been the face of all their ad campaigns (but do they sell it in shops? Apparently not!) when I found a pair of skinny-cut cotton trousers in zebra print. ZEBRA PRINT TROUSERS! Now I was excited.
As soon as I'd got my new purchase out of the shop, all sorts of questions started to make themselves heard in my head. Will I look like an extra from The Mighty Boosh? (probably) Will my friends laugh me back home to my jeans? And, of course, will my amazing new trousers do that thing all clothes do outside of the changing room and make me look fat?
But I know how to silence those doubts; three ways, in fact.
First, avoid mirrors.
Closely linked is the second, all-important component - CONFIDENCE. There's no point acting like a doormat when you're, erm, as colourful as curtains; a lack of confidence is certainly curtains for your look (sorry about that!) Hold your head high, smack on your favourite perfume or your go-get-'em makeup tricks and stride out without a care in the world.
And to make this easier, you have to have confidence in your look, so make sure you style up your trousers in a way that makes you feel both cool and comfortable.
Here are my three top ways to style this look. (No radiator in the black this time - I'm trying something new with my presentation! And partly because it's wayyyy too hot here to be putting skinny jeans on.)

This is called 'Letting Your Trousers Do The Talking', because the focus is right on them. Keeping it simple with a basic white vest-top, long or short depending on your comfort level, and some plain white pumps or gladiator sandals will allow the trousers to make the statement that they're meant to, and allow you to go a little bolder with your makeup and accesories, which is why I added this AMAZING River Island bag - looks like Vuitton for a miniscule fraction of the price!

Now we've got the tribal look down, it's time to punk it up a little. This time, I've added a longline pink T-shirt and my trusty black Converse. The trouble I've had with this look is that the pink T-shirt can swamp the body and a little bag won't help that, so to help balance proportions I've included a big bold black shoulderbag.

Then, for the boldest of dressers, there's this look, which is about as OTT as I can get! I wore this one to visit a friend at art school, and appeared to fit right in!
You might recognise that t-shirt from my McQueen article, and it's perfect for adding even MORE drama to the trousers! I also chose my favourite paint-splattered white boots to add even more drama and art-world cool.
Or just overkill. But hey, add confidence, big sunglasses and a good song or two on your MP3 Player, and you're away!

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