How Real Girls Wear....Grunge/My Weekend Wardrobe

There has been a recent influx in the fashion magazines of articles toasting great fashion blogs (whatkatiewore.com, and a whole host that I still need to check out) I have remembered the manifesto on which I started this blog, and how it's sadly lacking in the content I intended. So I will make an effort now to blog more, upload more photos of my own outfit adventures, and generally have more fun with the blog!
Fashion-wise, this weekend has been a great one for me as I drew inspiration from one of the hottest little fashionistas around. Sure, she only exists on paper and the small screen thus far, but her influence extends so far that she's the toast of the blogs and the actress who plays her is getting hate-tweets for Courtney Love for biting her style. I'm talking, of course, about Taylor Momsen, and her alter-ego/main role, Gossip Girl's Jenny Humphrey.
Now, dear Little J has many a look, but recently she's been mainlining what my fellow blogger BrainsBeauty refers to as 'Rebel Rich'; brocades, expensive cuts and a whole lotta black. But when she's off-duty, she pulls off some truly grunge-tastic chic. Like this look (left). The slouchy knit, the hood, the length of the cardigan which make it perfect for colder summer evenings and (gasp) the dreaded onset of autumn. Plus it's so damn cool to retain a little bit o' casual. I paired my version with some black skinnies, my beloved Converse, plenty of gothic jewellery and black eyeliner. Only later did I cotton on to the fact that I looked like a Tim Burton take on John Bender from The Breakfast Club, not particularly thoughtful considering I spent the weekend at a memorial retreat, but never mind. I looked grunge-cool. Sort of. (Here's my take for a slightly warmer day. It doesn't work quite as well as the black-on-black variant. I am too close to actually looking like a hobo, as opposed to hobo style. Hey ho(-bo), next time!)


Birds of a Feather

Everyone knows that the true sign of the end of summer is the birds. Whether it's those who came to visit our shores for the summer or those wishing to escape to warmer climes, it's certain that our feathered friends are less abundant in winter.
So the only thing for it is for us birds to get our feathers on, let our wild sides out. Animal prints have got nothing on some of these creations - a fine selection from the internet's offering. I'm LOVING that Prada peacock skirt.

And of course, these fabulous ladies with their feathered hair accessories, as made so popular recently by Carrie Bradshaw in the recent Sex and the City film. Sure, she was jilted, but she made sure to rock some serious trends while doing so.

And then, of course, there's those ladies who go all out, such as the fabulous model Georgie Bee for a recent shoot.

But for those of with a realistic budget and who don't want to do a Carrie Bradshaw (ie put a bird on our heads) the high street does, as always, have plenty to offer (cliches rule people). Go all out with a full on feathered dress (if you can find one - there's a gorgeous white feathered dress from New Look that Look featured a few issues ago) or play it safe with a beautiful feathered handbag (Accesorise as always, Topshop or Asos). Personally I'm saving for this cute little skirt from Topshop, or keeping my eye out for a fabulous dress with a feathered skirt from Mango. Sure it's last season, but hey, what's Ebay for?


Weird Style Icons....Gothic Glamour

I did warn you, blog fans, when I started this little venture that I would introduce you to the weird, wonderful and downright wacky when I allowed you access into my stylish life. And now I'm back with a controversial new style icon, and my reasons why I think she's awesome.

Ok, maybe not the psychopath mass-murderer thing.

But if you ask me, goth is back and it's bigger, better and more glamourous than ever. Oh yes, this is going to almightily piss off any goth kids lurking in the corners of playgrounds a la the Goth Kids in South Park, who would no doubt be all upset that we were 'like, biting their style', but it's only now that the fash pack has caught up, understood why what these goths wear is so fab.

Topshop has come up with a trend named 'Horror Girl', which will have all fans of Twilight frothing at the mouth and falling over themselves to buy the 'Kiss of the Vampire' t-shirt. I'm coveting a knitted jumper with 'Damned' written on it.

But the Topshop window display has become a playground for the cobweb-wearing black make-up mafia. And everywhere is catching on. Dramatic black eyes and red lipstick on the catwalk, and a very fetching purple pallate at Dior. Dark nails are back now that summer is officially over (according to the fashion houses) Opaque tights will be flying off the shelves soon. The fake-tanned fashionistas will be weeping over their Heidi Klum flipflops as they have to surrender to the season of doom and gloom, but all those of us who hate flashing our vampyrically pale flesh will be rejoicing in the most forgiving colour of them all.

The one thing that the goths have undeniably got right is the versatility of black. The recent celebration of the definitive chic black, Coco Avant Chanel, only goes to show how this wonderful shade has been adored for years. Once thought macabre as the colour of mourning, I love it as it's the shade that lets the rest of your ensemble, be it your haircut, make-up or a killer necklace and/or shoes do the talking. Just ask Rihanna and that ridiculous ensemble she wore to the Met Ball.

But why, then, am I labouring on about the coolness of Bellatrix Lestrange over the quiet sophistication of Coco Chanel? Now that I am, soon to become, a working girl, I should far more wisely head for the black suit aisle as opposed to the black brocade coat or black net skirt. But fashion in autumn and winter is all about channelling romanticism and dark glamour as the nights get longer. And, of course, in apprehension of all the goth-chic telly totty heading our way, such as Wuthering Heights in the autumn, and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, due for release next year. Can't. Wait. Practising my backcombed hair already, and saving up for some beautiful goth-chic jewellery.


The Primark has Landed

Oh yes blog fans, it's happened. The second biggest Primark in the country has arrived in Bristol. Like an alien invasion. There have been those who leap, Independance Day-like, on rooftops asking to be taken too. There are the hemp-wearing hippies waving 'Primark Endorses Slavery', , and 'Primark Eats Babies' signs (maybe not, but if they did at least I'd remember what they actually said).
And then there are the rest of us who just wander in, and stare in wonder.
It's so tidy! It's so full! (of clothes and of people) It's so CHEAP!
I think I'm in love.
I also think I'm in love with the McQueen-a-like dress I picked up for under £20.
I also think I'll be broke by the end of the month for sure.


Cowboys and Indians

As I perused the papers that I've missed while in the Big Smoke, I spotted the front cover of the Sunday Times Style magazine advertised. And who should be on the front cover, but the long-limbed, pouting yet punky Erin Wasson, Texas' answer to Kate Moss but without the stupid taste in men. Or rather, she's not tabloid fodder for the British press just yet.
And what was this surf-siren wearing on the cover? The Sunday Times Style stylists like to make a statement with their covers, be it the photo, the model or the outfit.
So this cover combined the three - the long-limbed surf goddess Erin, looking like a sultry Ursula Andress with the grunge cool of Ladyhawke. The relaxed, slouchy pose against a neutral background, drawing full focus to the outfit. Skinny fit jeans and, the piece de resistance, a cowboy shirt. Worn backways.

Cue a stampede of girls to every shop in town to copy the look, and a plethora of blokes looking increasingly confused by the abundance of Brokeback Mountain influences on the objects of their affection. Where have all the cowboys gone?
The check, tartan, plaid and (cringe) demin shirts may have been laid to rest since Heath and Jake, but there have been plenty of little hints of the return of the cowboy. I'm watching Gossip Girl right now and Chuck is wearing a plaid waistcoat. Admittedly, men who take style advice from Chuck, the man who once wore a knitted jumper embroidered with two giant fish (bass, probably) have to be the kind who no doubt already wear checked shirts, but it doesn't seem like the cowboy trend is going to die completely. It's not ok to be a male lumberjack, but it's clearly hot for a woman to wear a man's shirt, especially if it's checked. Thanks Erin! I'm using an oversized demin shirt as my staple summer cover-up. They hide unfortunate tan-lines, they make a good contrast to skinny jeans when you're not feeling your most svelte, and they could even work as a beach cover-up, but only if you're 100% happy with whatever it might not cover!
The beauty of the cowboy trend is that it is designed to be basic, wearable and comfortable - the rest is up to you. Which is totally the opposite of the opposite trend. From the old films to the old kids' games, every cowboy has their perfect Indian.

And bizarrely, Erin Wasson has also been spotted championing this trend, wearing a feathered headdress to a Chanel jewelry party last year. And it's not just her. The Navajo trend sprung again this spring, with fringed suede, moccasins, feathers and beading liberally dosed across all the high street collections.I tried on a cute little pair of moccassin boots in Topshop the other week, complete with feathered tassels. I wasn't swayed (or should I say suede) unfortunately; soon I'll be able to shake the boho-Sienna-Miller association as she's now taken to wearing a married man around her neck like a scarf and a leather catsuit, but she is slowly breaking her hold over all things slightly hippy. Navajo is oh-so-now; if you've got the guts to wear a feathered headband like Erin or like the one I bought from Topshop as a joke, go all out, or check out Asos and others for beautiful fringed bags - festival chic is still going strong. If you prefer just sticking with your own fringe, and not go all-out like Natasha Bat for Lashes Khan, add a little delicate beated top or some earrings to your everyday ensemble. Seen here at Anna Sui (thanks to a fellow blogger for identifying!) a little bit of subtle embroidery no longer looks budget - it's whimsical but it's chic, and it caters to all those of us who still own our Pocahontas dress-up costumes that we had when we were 7 (ahem) Plus, it's stupidly easy to wear, and you can get away without accessorising! Except, a la Miss Khan, with big bold make-up. And a tambourine.
UPDATE - Spotted a deadringer of Miss Wasson's feather headband in this week's Look magazine, courtesy of Topshop. Might have to buy it for when I go to see Bat for Lashes play...