Birds of a Feather

Everyone knows that the true sign of the end of summer is the birds. Whether it's those who came to visit our shores for the summer or those wishing to escape to warmer climes, it's certain that our feathered friends are less abundant in winter.
So the only thing for it is for us birds to get our feathers on, let our wild sides out. Animal prints have got nothing on some of these creations - a fine selection from the internet's offering. I'm LOVING that Prada peacock skirt.

And of course, these fabulous ladies with their feathered hair accessories, as made so popular recently by Carrie Bradshaw in the recent Sex and the City film. Sure, she was jilted, but she made sure to rock some serious trends while doing so.

And then, of course, there's those ladies who go all out, such as the fabulous model Georgie Bee for a recent shoot.

But for those of with a realistic budget and who don't want to do a Carrie Bradshaw (ie put a bird on our heads) the high street does, as always, have plenty to offer (cliches rule people). Go all out with a full on feathered dress (if you can find one - there's a gorgeous white feathered dress from New Look that Look featured a few issues ago) or play it safe with a beautiful feathered handbag (Accesorise as always, Topshop or Asos). Personally I'm saving for this cute little skirt from Topshop, or keeping my eye out for a fabulous dress with a feathered skirt from Mango. Sure it's last season, but hey, what's Ebay for?

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  1. God, I love feathers and fascinators. You seen the one I made?


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