How Real Girls Wear....Grunge/My Weekend Wardrobe

There has been a recent influx in the fashion magazines of articles toasting great fashion blogs (whatkatiewore.com, and a whole host that I still need to check out) I have remembered the manifesto on which I started this blog, and how it's sadly lacking in the content I intended. So I will make an effort now to blog more, upload more photos of my own outfit adventures, and generally have more fun with the blog!
Fashion-wise, this weekend has been a great one for me as I drew inspiration from one of the hottest little fashionistas around. Sure, she only exists on paper and the small screen thus far, but her influence extends so far that she's the toast of the blogs and the actress who plays her is getting hate-tweets for Courtney Love for biting her style. I'm talking, of course, about Taylor Momsen, and her alter-ego/main role, Gossip Girl's Jenny Humphrey.
Now, dear Little J has many a look, but recently she's been mainlining what my fellow blogger BrainsBeauty refers to as 'Rebel Rich'; brocades, expensive cuts and a whole lotta black. But when she's off-duty, she pulls off some truly grunge-tastic chic. Like this look (left). The slouchy knit, the hood, the length of the cardigan which make it perfect for colder summer evenings and (gasp) the dreaded onset of autumn. Plus it's so damn cool to retain a little bit o' casual. I paired my version with some black skinnies, my beloved Converse, plenty of gothic jewellery and black eyeliner. Only later did I cotton on to the fact that I looked like a Tim Burton take on John Bender from The Breakfast Club, not particularly thoughtful considering I spent the weekend at a memorial retreat, but never mind. I looked grunge-cool. Sort of. (Here's my take for a slightly warmer day. It doesn't work quite as well as the black-on-black variant. I am too close to actually looking like a hobo, as opposed to hobo style. Hey ho(-bo), next time!)

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