The Primark has Landed

Oh yes blog fans, it's happened. The second biggest Primark in the country has arrived in Bristol. Like an alien invasion. There have been those who leap, Independance Day-like, on rooftops asking to be taken too. There are the hemp-wearing hippies waving 'Primark Endorses Slavery', , and 'Primark Eats Babies' signs (maybe not, but if they did at least I'd remember what they actually said).
And then there are the rest of us who just wander in, and stare in wonder.
It's so tidy! It's so full! (of clothes and of people) It's so CHEAP!
I think I'm in love.
I also think I'm in love with the McQueen-a-like dress I picked up for under £20.
I also think I'll be broke by the end of the month for sure.

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