Fashion rut....Not-So-Weird Style Icons

I appear to have become totally one-dimensional of late. Aside from my aquisition of some fabulous designer collaborations (Christopher Kane and Emma Cook for Topshop, and Ostwald Helgason for Asos, at last) all I can do at the moment is style myself like my grandmother - ie, all in black. Except with traces of grey. And white.
It's a desperate bid to convince the weather to morph into true autumn so I don't look so silly next to all the women still wearing demin skirts and flip-flops, but I've basically become a shorter, fatter, less blonde version of Jenny Humphrey. I sat down to watch an episode of Gossip Girl wearing a pair of skinny grey jeans and a black and white stripey top, only to notice that Jenny was wearing the same. Is this sad? Did I do it on purpose (no...)?
Am I ashamed?
Come on, people, she's awesome. Only a little. And besides, she's Debbie Harry chic too. So it's ok. Yeah.

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