Grazia Day Part 2 - A Fashion Lesson

During my usual rainy (ok, torrential) afternoon pursuit of browsing the internet for fashion jobs, fashion pics and, well, just fashion, I came across my dearly beloved graziadaily.co.uk. At last I can freely express my thoughts on fashion to the masses. Well, the masses who read Grazia as opposed to the small legion that read this. Or is even that optimistic?
Anyhow, I was browsing their 'You - The Fashion Jury' section and nearly squealed with excitment when I saw that they were running a special on leather jackets. I am a huge fan of the leather jacket as a jacket for all seasons, and also because I love grunge. I really need to get mine cleaned as I've worn it non-stop since January. But I am relishing trying out the new looks as sampled by grunge heroines Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton.
And then I saw this.Now, aside from the fact that it's Cat Deeley (who was never the coolest of the cool and hasn't exactly helped matters with the Walkers crisps ads - that and the fact I still get her and Fearne Cotton mixed up) there is one crucial thing this look can teach you about how not to dress.
Now don't get me wrong, Miss Deeley has put in a valiant effort and looks good. But all this look does for me is demonstrate how important it is, when mixing trends, to put a dominant one, to avoid the 'dressed in the dark' awkwardness of not-quite matchy-matchy.
So, if you're going to mix your trends, chose a dominant. If Cat wanted to play up the 'safari-chic' shading in the skirt, maybe a tan handbag or some colourful tribal jewelry. If she wanted to play up the 'groupie' look, maybe some biker boots and a hobo bag. My main problem is with the sandals. They'd work fine with the skirt and a plain white blouse, or fine with the jacket and a demin mini, but here, they just add to the total confusion that is this outfit.
So my lesson to you, fashion fans, is pick your top trend, your style, the thing people know you for, then use it as the foundation and base to work around it. Me, I dress like a glorified hobo. But I may show a preference for something a little slicker, but I'll never try and go half and half equally. And neither, in my opinion, should Cat.

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