Hip Hip Hooray, It's Grazia Day!

I woke this morning in anticipation. Today heralds the start of a whole host of things. The start of September, and to me the months ending in 'er' always have good things in them (autumn leaves, winter fashion, birthdays, Christmas, long evenings, the smell of winter fires, festive markets, etc etc, yes a tad premature but who cares, the designers are all producing swimwear already), it also marks the first time in 18 years that September hasn't been synonymous with school.Oh yes, it's something to celebrate in many ways. This photo was taken (by my friend and fabulous photographer Boyd Alexander - he's going to be big, I guarentee) on the day I got my A Level results. It was posed, somewhat ironically as I was the only one of my friends who didn't get straight As, yet I was picked to portray the euphoric student moving on to better things. My graduation, however, was far less euphoric, and as I quit my first job today I couldn't help but wonder if freedom really is all it's cracked up to be. The magazine Company is apparently 'for your freedom years', but with the current climate what is the price of that freedom?
As I was pondering these gloomy thoughts, I remembered that something could pick me up even in these dark times. I am talking, of course, about Grazia.
It is my current mission to enter the hallowed halls of Grazia's offices one day, but until then I will write as many letters, and get them published, as I can (I'm on 4 so far) and make it my mission to appear in their Style Hunter pages (they come to Bristol on Saturday; I'm already planing my outfit). I read the magazine religiously and strive to afford a few more of the items they advertise.
This issue, they came up trumps with a selection of fabulous trends and pieces that I can't wait to start rocking/buy online.
1) A cute little Marc Jacobs cross-body bag (Fashion Charts Number 2, Page 11) It's pink and green, it's chic, it's compact. It's nearly £1,000. One day....
2) Work boots are back in (10 Hot Stories Number 3, Page 24) The more battered the better is the way to wear the boot this season (if it's not thigh-high and Louis Vuitton). Thankfully, as I am the epitome of cool, I have been wearing my (now decidedly) battered Topshop boots all last winter, and have stocked up on two pairs of All Saints boots in advance.
3) News of the Asos Designer Hub collections arriving later this month (SCREAM) and the taster of the fab collection by Ostwald Helgason. They're very Mary Katrantzou meets the Hed Kandi for Miss Selfridge collection, and with a price tag I can afford. Hurrah!
4) The news that snoods are back. Finally, I can dig out the American Apparel one I bought last winter. Now if I could only remember where it is...
Ah, Grazia. Again my Tuesday is complete.
Although they did confirm the horrible rumour that Cheryl Cole is to become the face of L'Oreal.

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