The return of tartan!

Now, I could bore you blog fans with my thoughts on London Fashion Week, but you've probably heard enough about it by means of the newspapers, magazines and Anna Wintour's snooty treatment of Alexa and Pixie (who was right? who knows? who really cares?) and if you want my honest opinion, I wasn't exactly blown away.
So instead I return to my failsafe of being inspired by the world around me. And having recently purchased the boxset of Skins Series 3, my style inspiration has increased. The fabulous Effie trots out a series of thigh-skimming 'dresses' (t-shirts to you and me) and massive boots, but the real star is....Naomi Campbell. No, not the phone-throwing, hypocritically fur-wearing superdiva, but the gorgeous and, well, angry blonde bombshell who dabbles in student politics and lesbianism and, let's face it, is the only girl cool enough to wear tartan to her school prom.And, bizarrely, she's not the only one to decide that tartan is cool again. It's subtly sneaking back into the high street stores and the style pages. It's perfect for transseasonal colour experimentation (but it's still so sodding warm I'd leave it for a while) and is all very 'cool Britannia', so even if you aren't a massive high fashion fan, you can still pay homage to the wonder of Westwood.
Like me...(uni newspaper social, representing the Fashion section of the paper. No-one else got it. I am clearly either too cool or too stupid.)
Watch this space for the impending arrival of a fabulous new tartan wardrobe addition and the latest way to keep warm this winter...

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