A Tale of Two Kristen/Krystens...

I was browsing through my stack of vintage magazines (in the magazine world, a week old is vintage) and I found two photos that stuck with me.

The first is this one of the cooly beautiful Kristen Stewart in Rock and Republic, slightly ruined by the chirpy background and the forced smile as opposed to her trademark sultry pout. But nothing can distract from the incredible fierceness of this outfit (all it needs is the Whistles zip clutch). Yet again the rock princess (like Avril Lavigne, but not so faux-cute and annoying) has hit it out of the park. Making the vampire trend as hot as it is right now. Kristen is back soon enough with few more off-beat indie flicks that will only add to her star status as a, well, star. Albeit a decidedly cooler, less polished one without the constant veneer of 'wow, being a teen star RAWKS!'

As for the other Krysten, I have fallen in love with the new campaign for Banana Republic. Not because of the clothes, which are a bit run-of-the-mill, but because of the amazing Krysten modelling them; Krysten Ritter, aka Suze from 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' - or to put it another way, the Girl Who I Want To Have As My Roommate. She's like a cross between Jaime Murray and Courtney Coz Arquette (with a bit of Yoanna House from ANTM), but is far more likely to smile than either of them. There's poise, there's grace, but there's also a slight gawkiness, and the twinkle in the eye that screams fun. Plus there's the chamleon-like ability to jump from fashion genre to genre. True, she was a model, but it's not often you spot a girl who manages to make this Cyndi Lauper-esque attire (for a role in Gossip Girl) look cool and hip (and all the time adding to her persona of fun), and also work the more sophisticated side of the ever-expanding costume closet of any young actress today. I am loving the black and white ensemble she rocked at an Elle magazine party - big black skirt and fitted white top nodding to the universal truth that monochrome never goes out of style, and putting some serious edge into the '50s skirt style.

But let's face it; both these ladies could wear a binbag and look gorgeous. Kristen would just add Converse, a 'who the hell cares, I get to snog Robert Pattison' expression and black eyeliner, and Krysten would probably just grin and wear it. With some amazing shoes.

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