Monochrome - a life choice, a good choice?

Oh blog fans, it's a weary world that we live in when even your humble redhead servant cannot provide you with insights into all things stylish and chic on a regular basis. But such is life. Autumn at work is a busy old time, but it is also a busy old time on the fashion circuit so I will renew my efforts. Because, as I pointed out over there in my 'Things I Love' column, my wardrobe has well and truly embraced the onslaught of colder days and (oh joy!) misty mornings, and has gone over to the dark side. I genuinely cannot remember the last time I wore colour except to go the gym (pink gym shorts. Make me look fat. Ah well) - my life has given over into a kaleisdoscope of black, grey and white. I went shopping the other day and bought a dress with RED in it! RED! I must be mad. Next thing I'll be wearing PASTELS! PASTELS!

It's a slippery slope. I've gone for black, I can't go back. My mum despaired of me at first, and made a point of wearing a top identical to one of mine (grey and black stripes) to the gym. As a 'cover-up'. Like I said, not a fan. It's probably because my grandma lives in black (and, come to think of it, is slightly reminiscent of Queen Victoria - small and slightly scary) and because, as a result, my mum is the only one in three generations to wear colours. I admit I will be slightly scuppered when it comes to spring again (yes I think that far ahead, although I know that I will have bought up most of the shops several times over before then and probably have re-invented myself yet again) but it's very hard to do winter layering chic if your wardrobe looks like a charity shop (ie. random bits of everything nice that just don't mesh.) So I have decided that I will, at least until I nervously realise I need to wash my grey and black jeans and need to wear blue demin again (see, this is how bad things have got) stick to a colour pallate that seamlessly blends. Besides, black works on those of us who are vampyrically pale and/or have a standout hair colour. As Toni and Guy proclaims your hair is the ultimate fashion accessory, so the pressure is now firmly on mine to do the talking. It's working for Peaches and Alice, and the fictional fabulousness that is Alicia Billington.

And plus, it leaves me so much more time and scope to experiment with accessories....

'No, damnit, I don't care if jewel colours are in, I can't kick Agent Smith ass looking like something out of Boden.'

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