Yesterday's Clothes - A Rather Short Lesson

As promised, I have launched an endeavour to actually blog about my own style mishaps as well as everyone else's, so here is...well, it does what it says on the title - a little look at the outfit I wore yesterday.

Yes, I'm so nonchalantly cool aren't I? I'd been on a quest for these shorts for ages (Gap, £35) even though my mother had wisely warned me that the majority of (short) shorts featured in fashion magazines are intended for the ironing board massiv alone (aha, see the irony there?) But having finally found them on my little sojourn to Birmingham, as none of the remotely cool stuff ever comes to the Bristol Gap, I was faced with the tricky task of how to wear them.

As I discovered almost instantly, heels are a must. Unless you have Taylor Momsen's (twig) legs you cannot wear flat shoes with these. I have accesorised mine with my beloved Topshop boots (that I am still practising walking in); possibly not the best idea as they are peep-toed and I am wearing tights, but you get the general idea. Later, when I went out, I wore my trusty black lace-up 'Victorian governess' boots as featured in the Breakfast Club article; far easier to walk in and with almost as much attitude, and thus they worked almost as well.

Now, for the top. If I was going for 'safari chic', or just chic, I would have stuck with a simple white shirt, preferrably light, floaty and see-through (the only way to wear a white blouse to avoid looking like an office worker with a 'capsule wardrobe' issue), but I was not, it is autumn, it is nearly Hallowe'en, and I am 21. There is only so much chicness that can be injected into my look, and wool shorts are about as much as I can take. So I opted for my dearly loved ribcage t-shirt. Sleeveless works well in this case as the top is relatively fitted, but for thinner girls a loose sleeved t-shirt would work too. I'll try that next; I have a great new t-shirt to try with it.

Finally, a simple black jacket finishes off the look, along with a slick of red lipstick. And, of course, some gothic jewelry. We have to balance out the whole neatness of the shorts somehow.

These shorts are a godsend to curvy girls as they flair just at the right point and are generously cut (I got into a 10! A 10!) They help your legs look thinner as a result, it's just up to you how to make the rest of yourself look its best.

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