'You can tell Jesus that the Bitch is back' - Georgina Sparks

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the third series of Gossip Girl appeared this side of the pond. I happily swooned my way through the first episode (is it me, or does Dan's slicked-down hair make him look, erm, hot?) and raised my eyebrows at the minimal costume changes. But I'm even more excited about tonight's episode, because it heralds the return of the other champion of lux grunge (move over Taylor Momsen, although for today I have stolen your red check shirt dress and LOVE it) and the ying to Blair Waldorf's brocade-print, cutely pouting yang.
Oh yes, the bitch is back. Georgina Sparks, aka Michelle Trachtenberg (the cute little sister from Buffy who has grown into a willowy, drop-dead gorgeous glossy-haired fashionista with perfect pronounciation and very very shiny hair) saunters back onto the screen fresh from mysteriously scamming a scammer (the two-dimensional Poppy Lifton) out of her stolen cash, and is ready to get revenge on Blair for ratting Georgina out to her parents. Soooo high school, and if we know Georgina, she's got a master plan to take down Queen B. Bring on the catfights and snooty snooping.
And, of course, bring on the OUTFITS! I may be flying in the face of all that's cool here, but I really do think that Georgina is the best dresser of the Gossip Girl crew. The others may get fashion, and the others may have a whole wardrobe of designer to play with (it's quite clear just how much Blair loves playing dress-up, and I don't think she's ever been seen in a pair of trousers) but Georgina, unlike the other GGs, understands the value of selecting a capsule collection of key items (the skinny jeans, the to-die-for leather jackets and statement bag), all in muted colours, and juggling accesories with a flash of colour to make herself stand out, even in her statement massive 'sleuthing' shades. She's obviously clung on to a little bit of Michelle's Buffy days with an abundance of crucifixes, but the luxe edge to all her outfits, combined with ever-shiny hair (seriously, Blake who?) and that amazing pout, places Georgina firmly at the head of the pack in the style stakes. Quite simply, she actually has style, not just a massive designer wardrobe.

Plus, she took Chuck Bass's virginity (if Series One is to be believed - wires do appear to get crossed). So that obviously trumps EVERYTHING.
Update - Well G, thus far I am unimpressed. A few snooty looks, that subtle thing she does with her eyes to show that she's got one over Blair (Tyra Banks would be proud) and a few glimpses of black were all there. But she's yet to get back into her stride as a fully-fledged monster. Damnit. Plus, GG summer fashion is NEVER as hot as when it gets cold in NYC.
But she hooked up with Dan, again, so she and Dan have replaced Blair and Chuck as the best dysfunctional couple on GG. He's becoming egotistical, she's Medusa with waaaaay better hair. It's a match made in Heaven.

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