(Comfortably) Walking in a Winter Wonderland

No, don't worry. Unlike the rest of the commercially-driven world I refuse to come over all Chritmassy until Advent. So that's two more weeks. I think I can hold off playing 'Fairytale of New York' until then.

But my winter wardrobe is looking totally fabulous, partly thanks to the addition of THESE to my wardrobe.


Ok, so not as cool as they could be, but they are comfortable, cool and leather. Plus they provide vital ankle support and have a tread.
I sound like my grandmother. Well, not my grandmother, but a grandmother. But seriously, so many beautiful heels offer sod all support, and since this is the season of 'all or nothing' when it comes to a heel, a girl's gotta be sensible.

Plus, these are as close to the coveted Burberry pair as I can afford.

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