Contradiction - Being Hair-ist

So I've been perusing the cream of the magazine crop thus far this month (Elle, Glamour) and I have noticed a startling contradiction arising. Glamour devoted a six-page spread to how short hair is 'in' (something no-one seemed to get last year, when the Deyn was on the scene, though even she has started to let it grow) and finally included a section on how to style short hair. But it was a special, dedicated, and no doubt one-off, section. The rest of the magazine was awash with the usual catalogue models, all of whom had long, luxurious hair. All the perfume ads (bar the Ma Dame one, featuring....the Deynster), all the shampoo and hairspray ads....not a single shorthaired girl (that wasn't an international modelling sensation) had made her way onto the pages of Glamour.

That's all well and good, as apparently in real life having short hair dubs you unfanciable, says Johanna Cox in a surprisingly heartfelt column in Elle. She, having bravely gone for 'the chop', found her boyfriend less attracted to her (probably because, now that she had short hair like him, he realised how much hotter she looked with hers than he did with his). There is a bizarre double-standard about hair - we all (well, those with a partial lobotomy) swoon over long-haired Russell Brand, yet when a bloke is confronted with Agyness or Pixie, he pulls a face. Rather like the bored, unimpressed one Peaches is pulling there, while the eternally stylish Pixie, without hair to hide behind, is displaying the confidence needed by girls lopping off the security locks.

No matter how hard the fashionistas scream that short hair is hot, very few women will ever actually 'have the guts' to part with the long, luxurious locks that have been security blanket and uniform since they were little. I stuck out like a sore thumb at school, and still do often. And, secretly (well, not any more) I think that I would look thinner if I had long, luxurious, Leighton-Meester hair.
I will continue with my short hair for as long as I live (unless God gifts me with Leighton's locks overnight, plllleeeeeeease) but I will sigh every time I turn the pages of the fashion mags hoping for a day when short-haired catalogue models hold their own next to long-haired girls, and the glossies run a feature called 'Party Hair for Pixie Cuts'.

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  1. I feel your - well it's not pain - but I've tried long hair and it doesn't suit me, it's so thick it takes days to dry after washing, and the growing stage never ends. I love my hair short and wouldn't have it any other way.

    To quote Eoin Colfer "you guys just don't get me"


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