Epic Grazia Day

So, as every Tuesday is, my day was made brighter by the presence of Grazia (although Angelina was on the cover, blah, let's have someone OTHER than the rotation of Ange/Jen/Cheryl/latherrinserepeat) this issue was even better than ever.
Firstly, because yours truly is featured not once, but TWICE in this prestigious glossy (not only am I Letter of the Week and waiting to receive some fabulous free beauty goodies but one of my fashion musings is featured in 'You the Fashion Jury'. Yes, me, a mere mortal, gets to see her humble opinion of Emily Blunt's dress in print)! Oh yes blog fans, I've made it.
And then, thinking it couldn't get any better, I flipped over to 'Look of the Week' and spotted one of my many YHGCs (Young Hot Girl Crushes), Kristen Stewart, aka the coolest lass in Hollywood (she refuses to go all cutesy and blonde, wears Converse on the red carpet and still has us guessing over whether she and the Pattinson are playing, erm, vampires and mortals off-camera too) at the latest New Moon press circus.
Wearing that.
Oh yes. She's done it again - made a weirdly dodgy outfit look achingly cool. On some perma-tanned sweetly smiling startlet this would look like a leopard, a crocodile and some neon paint had a fight, but on her, well, it still looks like that, but boy do I want to buy it now.
And her hair! This was not the photo I was looking for (buy Grazia to truly appreciate her gorgeousness) but to all the mad fashion-blind people out there who think her waves are the be all and end all, check out this cute crop! Seriously. She's like Winona Ryder, Courtney Cox and Agyness Deyn rolled into one. A truly flawless combo if ever I heard one. I'm more jealous of her outfit and her hair than I am of her 'high status man candy' for the evening.

Yeah, totally. C'mon Robert, I know you're, like, the hottest thing ever, but you could at least have shaved! And Taylor should have kept the long hair and, erm, lost the shirt. Seriously, talk about a rose between two thorns. Though Taylor did make an effort. Never mind, come Friday I'll be able to get my fix of topless werewolf totty. Yay.

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