It's a blogger's world

I was saddened earlier this week to see, in the Sunday Times' hallowed Style magazine, that listed in their 'over/finished' column was 'bloggers that don't update daily'. Yes blog fan(s), it's tough out here for those of us who are a) busy in not one but two jobs b) not rich enough to peruse the cream of the fashion crop daily and c) just not that impressed with much fashion at the moment.
Well...I am impressed. Impressed at the gravity-defying madness of Alexander McQueen's crazy shoes (called Armadillo according to Grazia, but I've heard them called Alien and I much prefer that, as the only person who's been seen wearing them in public is the scary Daphne Guinness) that Lady Gaga wore for her latest video, a veritable orgy of skimmy, mad fashion. Impressed at Kristen Stewart's ongoing transformation from gawky teen to full on glamazon while still looking deeply skeptical about the whole thing. Impressed at the amount of killer outfits Rihanna can trot out and yet when required to deliver musically she cops out through, no doubt, sheer exhaustion.
But mostly I'm impressed at Tavi Gevison, the most famous blogger in the world aside from Belle de Jour (or that doctor woman what's in the tabloids a lot), who can update her blog daily with something totally cool, relevant and dippily, hilariously readable.
I, on the other hand, have no such luck. While Tavi has the world's designers rushing to her door with free stuff and invites, has a seemingly limitless knowledge of the world of fashion and has, presumably, very understanding teachers, I have the internet.
But the internet is good. While hidden away in the subterranean dungeon in which I work, I can feast my eyes on the fabulous offerings of AW '09 for when the Christmas party invites start. Yes, no-one I know is in a position to throw anything sophisticated yet young and hip enough to inspire real fashion stirrings in me, but if I was invited I would be dreaming of wearing Prada. I'm basically just obsessed with that dress. It's leather, it's velvet, it's red, it makes you look totally kick-ass (I imagine).
So, in short, I apologise to the world for not updating my blog enough. Despite the expanse of beautiful fashionsy things out there, it's a big scary world and a tiny, nervous blogger like me is intimdated by all the glory. But maybe once term ends I can kick off with some more fashion experimentation.There's a fabulous pile of shoeboxes in my wardrobe just waiting to be tried on, trotted out and taken round the Christmas shopping route.


  1. Well said, friend.

    I just randomly stumbled upon your blog the other day, and have been enjoying it. :)

  2. RedHeadFashionista25 November 2009 at 12:37

    Thanks! Like yours too, was amused by the 'post football mud' photo.

  3. hey hey thanks for the comment, and i havent got round to wearing any nice footwear whilst cycling yet! Its too darn cold. Love your blog too, you write about alot of good topics! Want to swop links? (Blogroll) xxx

  4. Sure thing Tali, love yours too, keep those Converse going!


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