ModelWatch - Freja Beha

I was filling out a form for something fashion-related earlier in the day (don't ask), and one of the questions was 'who is your favourite model and why?'

Well, thinking about it, I rooted out all the classic choices (Agy, Daisy, Erin) and cast my mind back. To September's Vogue. Where a fabulous shoot called 'Enter the Dinner Dress' featured this gorgeous girl.

This is Freja Beha, a Danish model who is, depressingly, almost exactly two months older than me. Boy do I feel like a failure. But then again, I am not this hot, this svelthe, and this full of fabulous rocker attitude (the hair does help, I admit. With long hair she looks like Rachel McAdam's hot little sister. Which is no bad thing).

But c'mon! She's got a tattoo of a revolver on her bicep! In a totally cool way! And she can go from freakishly androgynous to gorgeously feminine in the blink of an angle.

And those eyebrows! I'm a tad obsessed with eyebrows since mine are so horrendous. I bet she can raise one in the amazingly expressive fashion that I covet. But it's not like she needs to anyway.

So, in short, my favourite model is Freja Beha, because she's amazing. No justification needed. She's got the coolness of Jaime Winston and Daisy Lowe, the body of a baby Kate Moss (that hasn't been ravaged by coke and Pete Doherty) and the face of Rebecca Hall and Rachel McAdam's best bits of DNA. There. Done.


  1. not really appreciating the choice of this model, sure she has a stunning face and is terribly versatile, and yes... is really really hot. but look at the pictures you've chosen of her. pinched face and matchstick arms, especially on the top two. politically, i'm all about the campaign for real sized women in modelling, however i appreciate that especially a magazine like vogue has to represent an "aspiration" otherwise it simply would not be vogue! despite the impossibly taught tummy and distinct lack of muffin tops in the third picture, that represents a more healthy woman than the first two.

    i don't know whether or not you agree with me on this red, but rather than replicating what fashion presents us with, comment, critique and create a really interesting commentary! for me, she is just too tiny in those pictures, looks in desperate need of an ultimate burger and a blanket. poor woman.

  2. I'm not really thinking about the size to be honest - I never really look at it, because they ALL look so malnourished.
    But between her and any other model with the same need for a burger, I'd pick her.

  3. Gorgeous. Really looking very nice in first dress and very good dress itself selected for december collection. I like it a lot. I am shopping now for my wedding in next march, Thanks for sharing.

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  4. To the other anonymous who's campaigning for "real" women,



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