Name Drop - Basso and Brooke

Lounging on the sofa at 11am waiting for the postie to deliver my Asos package, I flipped over to E4 and was pleasantly surprised to discover a re-run of Gok's Fashion Fix. Don't get me wrong, though, the real reason I watch this show is not Gok and his, erm, 'styling' (more on what I think of that later) but to see the hardcore fashion porn trotted out by his co-presenter Brix Smith-Start, boutique owner, bombshell blonde and general nutcase (like Lady Gaga's noisy aunt) in her efforts to wow the British public (all Brummie and, judging the fact that Gok wins almost every week, mostly idiots) in the 'catwalk face-off'.This episode saw her take a 'Gok-beater' from the collection of Basso and Brooke, a truly fabulous dress which I only noticed again when a Basso and Brooke feature appeared in this month's Elle. When it trotted down the catwalk next to a monstrosity from H&M I just drooled.
Everything about it is just BEAUTIFUL. The prints are art, simply put. If you'd given Alphonse Mucha a silkscreen and a model, he might have come up with something like this.

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