Name Drop - Mary Katrantzou

Yeah, I know! Three posts in one day! I really took that STStyle article to heart, plus it's a really quiet day at work.
But I was also browsing back through some older blog posts and realised that I never did put up some pics of the wondrous, gorgeous masterworks by designer Mary Katrantzou.
And I said Basso and Brooke was art. This just takes it to a whole new level.
Apparently the collection is inspired by perfume bottles, and I can totally see that. But I wish more designers would be inspired by perfume bottles, as the dresses seem ideal for creating a perfect hourglass figure. The shapes and patterns draw attention solely to then, meaning you could probably not wear and make-up or shoes and no-one would notice. Everything about them exudes old-school glamour, elegance and indulgence, and something tells me that this is one brand that will be surviving the recession well into SS'10. She probably won't even need to change much. Basically, these arty beauties are timeless, and should I ever own one I wouldn't cheapen or debase it by wearing it, but I would buy a beautiful, big house, and just hang it in a beautiful big room. Like the potrait of Dorian Gray. Except I would look at it. Often. And marvel.

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