When make-up goes bad...

So, in aid of it being nearly winter and all, I figured it was time to drag up the old femme fatale look and combine it with a little of the pagan terror surrounding the longer nights and shorter, misty days. God I love mist - first true mist of the season today. Couldn't see the other side of the road at 7am this morning.

I woke at 7am, which was a pretty impressive feat considering I was out til 1 last night. Oh yes, RedHead Raver was wild and free and....exhausted, as had been up at 7am the two previous days. No weekend lie-ins! There is no justice. But last night was a Mexican Day of the Dead-themed rave, so I cracked out my ribcage vest, sewed some paper bones to my black skinnies, and then attacked my face with black eyeshadow and my newly acquired.....black lipstick.

This is what I was driving at. All the cool kidettes are wearing black lipstick, apparently. So, like the little shopaholic I am, I hot-footed it to Mac and snapped up the very last 'Cyber', a fabulous deep, deep purple which goes on smooth but does make you look like a drunk when it fades, leaving only that 'too much slurping red wine' stain around the inside of your mouth. But never mind.

Megan Fox does it. And although she's not particular good at anything other than looking like every man's fantasy (why is she not an extra in True Blood yet? She doesn't even need to act, she just needs to stand there and look sultry/slutty) she does nail the black lipstick and 'I will feed on your entrails' eyes. I'm not a fan of entrails (except for liver, and who wants one sullied/pickled by alcohol?) so I just don it to look cool, and to avoid getting the inevitable itchy eyes that is the only result of the equation 'eye make-up+pet rats+slight allergy to everything'. So I get to go easy on the eyes while frantically checking my teeth for lipstick every five seconds. But it's totally worth it.

So this month, it's lipstick or nothing. Red, hot pink (a la Ms Momsen, loving that, and I can sort of get away with it at work) or black. But only in moderation.

Argh! Run from the scary McQueen cannibal clown! Looks fab though.

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