I wonder if Santa reads my blog - RedHead's Christmas Wishlist

Ah the joy of having a birthday so close to Christmas. At around the same time as the world of fashion drops its most beautiful pieces/festive discounts, lil old me is turning old. Well, 22, which didn't seem to hurt Lily Allen.
But either way, it's cause for a celebration as I thus get a double whammy of festive joy opening the presents around the tree! (We put the tree up before my birthday) Unfortunately, I cannot quite bring myself to ask for all the things I really want, as I know full well my parents would just laugh and say 'that's lovely dear, how about a nice book?' (and in case you're wondering, Alex Box's 'The Makeup Artist') when I ask for some Erickson Beamon jewellery or a pair of Marc by Marcs. But a girl can dream.
And since I know my mum still checks my blog, here is my ultimate dream present list. It will get updated over time....

Acne Atacoma Wedges - yum yum yum.

Marc Jacobs 'Don't Fret My Pet' T-shirt - because doesn't the girl on it remind you of Violet from The Incredibles? And I love that film.

Gucci bag - because it's GORGEOUS.

Butler and Wilson rose necklace - I saw this is a shoot with The Times that featured a whole variety of animals posing/being placed in among pieces of jewellery. They had a sad-looking (but they have such big eyes that they always look sad) bassett hound wearing this. If I wore it, I would not be sad.

Luella 'Amy' (left) or 'Polly' (right) dress - I saw the Amy one on Alexa Chung (surprise surprise) in Glamour and loved it. The Polly one less so, but it reminds me of a St Trinian's uniform.

A piece of Christopher Kane's 2010 Resort Collection.

Alexander Wang boots (and the ability to walk in them. Or rather, that miraculous ability rich girls and Carrie Bradshaw have to walk in zero-support high shoes and not wince in pain after half an hour pounding pavements. Maybe I should just wish for car service)

Alexander Wang 'Coco' Bag. No explanation needed.
Dominic Jones ring. I've been meaning to do a post about this guy for ages - the Alexander Wang of the jewelry world, his designs ooze attitude yet craftsmanship, and aren't that expensive! (When compared to Harry Winston or Erikson Beamon.)
Louis Vuitton Lace Detail Dress - because it's BEAUTIFUL. Look at the colours!


  1. Hey very fine wish by you and Like your thoughts over santa's reading this Blog. Waiting for Christmas eagerly. Merry Christmas in advance.

    r4 dsi

  2. Those shoes have got MY name on 'em. Mmm-Hmm.

  3. lovely t-shirt!


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