Stupid Shoes

It's a busy ol' time of year, blog fans. A busy time of year which both obstructs my posting (numerous relatives, so much good telly, food, lots of food) and provides me with ample opportunity to showcase my wardrobe.

Ooooooh. Talllllll. And surprisingly, not that painful. Ok, coming down stairs is a bit tricky, and since I live on a hill I will be using a Zimmerframe to get down it from now on.
But it's so worth it. Plus dontcha just love that rolled over sock-like bit?
And my shiny new purple bedspread, which my rats are probably chewing huge holes in as we speak.
My latest pair from Kurt (we love Kurt), bought in Harrods just so I could have the bag :) I must find that bag....

In my room, slightly messy at this point as I was still moving remnants of present-wrapping and making my second photoboard (which I spent this evening trying to hang, hitting my finger with a hammer and making lots of holes in my wall in the process). I was going for warmth and layering, so dug out this long shrug-type thing. It's not black! It's not grey! Progress!

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