Approaching milestones and dead poets

Finally, slowly and surely, I am creeping up to 100 posts on this blog. Considering I've been going for over six months that's pretty poor, but considering nearly a third of those posts have been in this month alone I'm optimistic for the coming year. 
I am also getting close to 2000 hits, again not that impressive but I'm hoping to up circulation. If you like this blog, please keep checking, and if you really like this blog, please recommend me!
I thought I'd celebrate said milestone with another snippet of my scores from yesterday. 
These are the boots I was telling you about. Aren't they soooooo Wicked Witch-like? And at £35 (from £160) it's hard to say no. The eyelets and laces are so dainty!

I had a very productive Sunday, which is quite unusual for me. I got in a good walk wishing I was a werewolf (though more in line with the Quiletes than with George from Being Human, his is just inconvenient, poor guy) so that I could race across the fields, or that I was Neytiri from Avatar

I also cleared out my wardrobe so it no longer resembles a jumble sale (well, one side doesn't. Why do wardrobes get so messy so quickly? I need a walk-in) and watched one of my favourite films ever. 

Yeah, that one. That one with the cult of weird table-standers. 
In case you are one of those kids who, like I was until recently, is not yet educated in the glory, this is from Dead Poets Society, that epic coming-of-age piece of cinematic gold, featuring possibly one of the most hilarious teenagers ever to grace the screen. 

This still is from just after this character has painted a red lightning bolt on his chest to 'make me feel potent, like I can drive girls crazy'. This is the same character who, bored with the name Charlie Dalton (all the best rebellious kids are named Charles, Chuck Bass anyone?), renames himself Nuwanda. You see? Clearly he's a legend, and he's one of many contributing factors that make Dead Poets Society  one of the best films EVER (others include a boy writing a poem to a girl he loves. Writing a poem! Who would do that nowadays? And he reads it to her, in front of her whole class. Shameless, unembarassed adoration. Also the fact that the sneaky grass kid is bratty and ginger, and because I'm a bit in love with Neil. Poor Neil).  

I guess they know I'm BA-A-A-A-AD!

It's a Saturday night and I'm not tired, but need to eradicate Pitch Black and The Dark Knight, (accompanying dinner and movie night at work) from brain to help sleep. So, Confessions of a Shopaholic while the pets scamper. It's such a crap film and I prefer the real Becky Bloomwood, but the soundtrack RAWKS. Hence the post title (good ol' Pussycat Dolls....yeah). 
Went shopping today for the first time in a few...weeks (I try) to see all my friends at the Chanel counter and in Thomas Sabo. Their new collection has come in, it's GORGEOUS. Have been saving for a piece of it.
A little bit of Navajo gorgeousness. I am well sorted if Jacob Black ever wants to re-imprint....
If you haven't come across Sabo yet, get into it. Here are a few more gems.
Well, ok, the top one is Sabo. It's a little heart with cubic zirconia crystals. They had it in black and red-pink but the white is best. The other necklace is by *goes to check* Azuni. I love it because it's kinda medieval-looking, and also reminds me of Baz Lurman's Romeo and Juliet. 

I love love LOVE this sword (waited so long to get it and was totally worth it), and the peace sign is so easy to wear, simple and classic. I didn't actually wear them together, thought that would be a bit of an oxymoron, but thought that they would be cool to display together.

Anywayyyyy, random swag-sharing post over. I had a total outfit change before eventually leaving to go shopping. Here's what I started off with...
My Gap shorts, trusty gilet and those 'out of control flats' I was talking about. I LOVE these boots, they are my Effy Stonem boots and they are so a) comfy and b) badass. Though not very subtle or steathly. 
And this is what I ended up with...

Not sure about this pose, makes me look fat. Ah well. Got a chance to wear this jacket again, I love it but hardly wear it atm as it's still a bit too cold. As I discovered later on, brrrr. 
Also my Current/Elliott jeans (gotta love Harvey Nichols sales) which are so soft and comfy. And my trusty black wedge heels from Office, which actually need re-heeling!
As well as my new necklace, I got a cardigan from Primark (navy, not black! Hurrah!) and some amazing Kurt Geiger shoes that have gone from £160 to £35 in the sales. Result! Good things come to those who wait.


Trophy blog finds and top tunes

Spent the obligatory amount of time trawling through other peoples' blogs and found some schweet things that I thought I'd share.
This is from Couture Carrie; I am in sweet bloody love with this dress. When I get married I want to wear a dress cut just like this, probably have to be in white though. Snore.
This is from Life by Ida, she did a gorgeous homage to Johnny and Kate. What with the impending split of Brangelina (thank God, so bored of it now) it felt right to look back on such a beautiful couple.
Was also doing my daily browse of Sea of Shoes (Jane must be sick of me) and found some stuff about her music taste - she likes Roxy Music so she has even more respect. One of her friends posted this video and it's such a cool tune I want to share it too. Reminds me of Roxy and Roxy makes me think of summer. Yes it's only January but I do love long lazy summer sunsets that last for hours accompanied by Roxy and Phil Collins. Take a Look by Martin Dupont, superawesome.
Other cool tuuuuunes....hmmmmm.
Alice by Cocteau Twins, really ethereal and quirky.
Better Than This by Keane, feel a bit sad for still liking Keane but I've loved this song for years and only just discovered that it's by Keane!
Ok, this song is possibly the most beautiful song I've ever heard, listening to it just makes me think of summer and how everything will be alright. It's Not Too Late by Phil Collins
But because it's winter and I can't be listening to summer songs in winter, I opt for this for my hit of uplifting gorgeousness. Fear by Sarah McLachlan
When I have more time I'll do a list of all my favourite film scores, I love them!

Oh, and in other random news, I finally managed to put a link to email me into my blog! So someone other than Professor X the Viagra supplier can send me an email!

True Blood-y Awesome

I wanted to post this for a variety of reasons. Firstly because Anna Paquin's dress is incredible (never mind that she didn't win any GGs, though she so should have, she definitely gets Best Dressed) and secondly because this adorable pair are one of my fave couples of the moment. Neither of them are God's gift to the opposite sex in the way that, say, Brangelina were/are, but they're pretty enough yet normal enough for us all to aspire to them. They're talented but understated, and anyone who can pull off brunette and blonde hair with equal effectiveness (Anna) and anyone who can make the word 'Sookie' sound sexy (Stephen) deserves kudos in my book. Long live....StephAn! I hope you'll be very happy.


It's wearing florals!

So, my floral trousers arrived...and wonder of wonders, they fit! And wonder of more wonders.....

They actually look kinda good!
You think?
I styled 'em in about three seconds. Amber Le Bon wears them on Asos with a black vest top and some black wedge sandals. I don't like vest tops as, in my opinion, only teeny tiny shorthaired girls look good in vest tops. I need to find a good halterneck supplier...
So I wore them with a short-sleeved white shirt and my black Skittle lace-up boots. Watch this space for variations!

Isn't my bathroom sexy? NOT. That brush is such a joke, I have about enough hair for a COMB and that's it. Just had to snap a quick pick of my 'I've been eating blackberries and they are sooooo goooood' lippie. Elizabeth Arden in Black Cherry, looks much more pinky-purple with the flash on but without it's almost black. I love it. And I love my dinky lil camera :). 

Targets and Beautiful Cosmetics

I had to add another post as then I would have a post for every day of the year so far! Go me! I wanted to be serious about this and contribute to it regularly so all you guys who read it (I say 'all'...) have something new to look at every day. And plus, now I can get annoyed at other bloggers who don't update for weeks.
Anyway, enough of being smug. I bought myself a new perfume the other week and I am obsessed with it (not even opened it yet but am excited). I practically collect perfumes, got so many, plus my parents buy me a bottle of my favourite ('Flower' by Kenzo) every Christmas so I have about four bottles of that.

My all-time faves are 'Flower', Dolce and Gabanna's 'The One', which is my ultimate wintry scent (it just smells of London department stores and Christmas extravagance), 'Dior Me Dior Me Not' which was a Limited Edition and the first perfume I ever bought, and Tea Rose oil from The Body Shop because it's fresh, gorgeous and so cheap!

But anyway, wanted to post a pic of the campaign and bottle as they are both so beautiful and ethereal.

Ah good ol' Lancome. I am loving their lipsticks as well, they have the perfect hot pink that I will acquire at some point.
Apparently this is Kate Winslet, she looks amazing! I love this campaign because of how rich the lipstick looks.

I also LOVE this MAC campaign from the summer, so much that I demanded the makeup artist show me how to do the lip. It's a colour called Trimming Talk, with a peachy-gold loose powder (not sure of the product name) and some nude gloss to give it a shimmer. I get it ALL over wine glasses.
I thought I'd just throw some beauty-related stuff into this blog too (hence my new tag 'The Beautiful Life'). Fellow blogger Fashion Bananas is a makeup artist and does amazing makeup for herself so I thought I'd get in on the action as I have a HELL of a lot of lipsticks!

Found it on Ebayyyyy.....

That is a reference, of course, to the hilarious Weird Al Yankovic 'Ebay' song.
But, of course, sung by the Potter Puppet Pals.

We love them. They are clearly happy with their Ebay purchase.
Anyway, I haven't bought anything yet (though I may unwittingly buy a Topshop jumper for £2 as interest in it seems to have died) but am eyeing up a bag (provided it's legit of course).

It's so pretty and velvet and blue and Marc.
Otherwise been a pretty quiet boring day, have a ladder in my tights which annoys me, and my parents have gone away so I have a big empty house :( spooooookyyyyyyyy).
But my floral trousers arrived! And they FIT! All that hard time in the gym paying off! Plus have discovered how cool tribal prints are for spring so can dig out an amazing vintage dress I found, and look forward to a dress I got in the Asos sale arriving.
And my sneaky trip to Thomas Sabo this weekend...wooooo.


Ahhhh the relief

Got my hair cut today, so much relief! Namely because it means I can do my roots again (nothing looks worse than dodgy roots, and no root looks worse than a root that's almost the colour of the rest of the hair but not quite) and I feel so much better with freshly dyed shiny hair.
No, I'm not totally naturally red. I like to enhance what I have, like a push-up bra, eyeliner or lipstick. It's just a part of our world nowadays.
Would LOVE to go platinum and am still sooooo tempted.....but then I would DEFINITELY have to rename the blog.
Besides, then I wouldn't be able to list myself alongside such fabulous redheads as....

Ah isn't she amazing? This is the EXACT look I gave some kids where I wore who were taking the piss out of ginger people when I was right behind them.

I really want a top just like that. I am also trying to cultivate that flick-over fringe.
Ahhhhh  but Allison is so cool too. She's got this AMAZING bone structure, while Molly manages to make having a baby face work. I am watching ANTM right now so I have to say FIIIIIIIIERCE.
PS I am well impressed that I have nearly managed a post a day this month!
PPS http://www.justgiving.com/CharlieSimpson-HAITI. Charlie Simpson got the idea of cycling 5 miles round his local park to raise money for Haiti, after he got upset by pictures on the news. Charlie's target was £500. Thus far he's raised over £170,000. Please help him raise more!
Oh, and he's seven years old.

Oh, and the reason I posted these is ALSO because there's a GORGEOUS model featued in the beauty section of Grazia who looks like Molly, but with smaller features. She's so pretty and I want to know who she is.


Self-Indulgence Denim

I trawled through my usual selection of blogs today and, am yet again, put to shame. Not only by the extraordinary selection of outfits on display, but also the high standard of photography. Compared to my little bedroom with my trusty tripod, they might as well be shooting for Vogue. I suppose the combination of a willing photographer and good weather, plus the time to trot along sidewalks and the like posing does help.
When another person is holding the camera (unless they are of the deeply infuriating type who says 'look happy' in an exasperated way whenever you try to look vaguely cool and posed) it is far easier to achieve a natural expression, which is why in all my photos I am either pouting like a drunk or smiling in a frightfully smug fashion. So I may have to ask my mum to take some photos from now on.
Which means she will see my wardrobe. Uh-oh.
Ok, apology over. I did promise yesterday that I would be dragging out my demin shirt from the jumble sale that is my wardrobe (except it's not for sale, it's just a jumble), so here it is.

Irritatingly, the camera has added ten pounds and subtracted all the cool poise heels added. But never mind - it was quite refreshing not to wear black and when I'm not pouting like an idiot it looks passable.
I wore it with pink lipstick, for a change. It was Mac but there's an amazing Lancome one that I want next. I love lipsticks.
And the necklace is Thomas Sabo (of course; their new range is coming out soon, v excited) and was a useful addition to the ensemble as Cheryl Cole came on my radio just as I was taking photos and I needed it to ward off the evil.
Until next time! And I promise for better lit more interesting photos next time. 


Ebay Adventures and Hints of Springs to come

Have spent a treacherous day getting back into Ebay, which is dangerous considering I have no money to spare of late (Thomas Sabo SS collection coming out in a few weeks, reserved pieces, the lovely sales staff are my friends) and have to conclude that unless you have quite a lot of cash and a lot of patience, sorting the treasures from the tat is a full-time job. God knows how Jane SoS and co do it.
Weirdly, for a girl who loves to wear black and layers and look generally pissed off and moody in a pathetic fallacy/Bronte fashion, I am excited about the prospect of spring. Had a gorgeous sunny day here on Sunday and went for several walks, and my sneaky Ipod decided to play all the spring music I generally hide away until the temperature gets above 5 degrees.
So, aside from my new trousers'  imminent arrival, and the rediscovery of my demin shirt (apparently they are coming back, I just look like an 80s throwback/lumberjack in mine, but I can re-style. Hey, that rhymes! I rule!)

Forgot to share this coat with y'all; it's apparently a one-off (they didn't think it would be successful) sample so it's a tad small. I got some new buttons for it because it came with big garish gold ones so adjusted the fit slightly, but mostly wear it open so it's ok. I just loved the 80s Flash Gordon feel of the half'n'half. It's mostly blue, the back is the same.
So until it warms I can just keep wearing this.

But otherwise I've been a pretty dull dresser of late; 'combination of factors, really' as Spike from Nothing Hill would say. Cold, rain, cycling to work and no parties. I am sad.

Here's an amazing Alexander McQueen campaign pic to cheer me up. Another blogger alerted me to it; her blog is called THE RedHeadFashionista, and while I'm kind of annoyed that I didn't check more thoroughly for duplicates when I was naming this blog, can't fault a stylish redhead.
I would otherwise have, most likely, named this blog 'Trouser Addict'. Doesn't roll off your tongue in the same way.


Inspiration Boards

It seems to be the cool thing to do among bloggers to upload a cleverly composited photo of all their many inspirations. Sadly, my Photoshop skills are not that good.

I do, however, have two inspiration noticeboards hanging from my walls, so I thought I'd share them with you.

I re-do them every few months. Here is one; it features, among other things:

An amazing Vogue shoot with Pixie Geldof (appears on both boards actually),
The AW 09 DandG and Mulberry campaigns (I love those girls with the huge hair running through the woods),
A very cool picture I found of a girl with a raven (not sure what it's advertising),
One of many photoshoots for LFW 25 Years, featuring Kate Moss. I don't normally like Kate Moss but it's such an amazing image, and
Daisy Lowe, because we love her.

Here is the second one. It hasn't worked as well as the first in terms of the colour palette (I think about these things too much), but it's a collection of some amazing pictures, including;
The incredible Freja Beha in the Vogue shoot that made me fall in love with her (not literally),
One of the many illustrations of 'Mademoiselle', the Elle columnist, because she's a great writer,
A big picture of a heart,
Some AMA-ZING eye makeup technique for a shoot in Grazia, which I am still trying to perfect,
Some cute little model wearing Luella, and,
The fabulous Taylor 'Legs' Momsen.

And, of course, some random words so I look like a super-cool rebel.

Hope you enjoyed! I'll put up some pics again when I change them round.


And another OMG....It wears FLORALS???

I just ordered these from Asos. They are just so pretty.
'But you don't wear florals!' says small voice in my head....

OMG! It wears SKIRTS!

So the whole blogosphere is mouthing off about Tanya Gold's recent Guardian article claiming that she 'hates fashion', which is like saying you hate air, food, or trees. As I commented on Tanya's article, said to Tavi, and will say to anyone who cares to listen, remember that speech Miranda Priestly makes to Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada about that blue sweater? And Stanley Tucci's speech about how the 'artists' like Largerfelt and De La Renta created something 'greater than art, because you live your life in it'? Exactly.

Anywayyyyy, won't give any more attention than needed to that silly woman. A momentous occassion took place in my fashion world yesterday (while we're on the subject, Gold would probably berate me for calling anything in the world of fashion 'momentous' given what's going on in Haiti, and for being so narrow-minded as to devote a whole blog post to something so trivial, but hey, she devoted a whole article to something she apparently hates, yet will never be able to escape, mwahahaha). Truly momentous. I was quite surprised.

I wore a skirt.

Here is said ensemble. Trusty wraparound cardigan, check. Total lack of colour, check. RedHead signature pose, check. But look, I'm SMILING! Obviously well happy about wearing a skirt, and finally getting to wear a pair of shoes I've had languishing at the back of my wardrobe for a good while as it's been too cold for anything other than trousers, and those shoes totally don't work with trousers.

Aren't they cool? Remind me of Pradas AW09 with the little studs. And after tottering around in all my Kurts these are like flats by comparison.
This is the nail varnished I wanted to show btw. It's the best shade ever. I want a lipstick to match.

I also had fun rediscovering colour - after putting on that dream nail varnish I was looking for pink stuff and found this jumper. It's such a cute shade of pink, esp. with red lipstick.


'Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.'

It's been a busy few days with a very minimal miriad of outfits. As someone who works and thus has a dress code, adventurous dressing a la my fellow bloggers is pretty tricky. I have to make do with trademarks, like skinny jeans and red lipstick. But I try.

And as usual, I am lying about my footwear. I tend to wear either flats or mid-heels for work, as dashing around cleaning, cooking and taking orders in heels is tricky. Should probably have worn black jeans with those boots. Maybe next time. But I have to get a photo of the actual shoes I wore, the most out-of-control flats ever. Well, flat boots.

Thoroughly straightforward outfit today, though I do love this roll-neck jumper. And I remember being made to buy these shoes by a friend of mine, and they don't feel nearly as high now. As the outfit was black and grey, I wore the brightest pink lipstick I have with this amazing electric pink/purple nail polish. Will have to photograph it again.

It's raining atm so I'm getting all nostalgic for the snow from a few weeks ago. Sob. Ah well, there's always the obligatory cold snap in February.
PS I named this post this because I was walking past H&M yesterday and saw that their SS collection was largely made up of florals. As Miranda Priestly says. C'mon high street, let's make things a little interesting!


The Superwoman Exists! And she is GINGER.

I am woman. I am goddess. I am every man's fantasy figure.
And I'm ginger.
Thank God for Christina Hendricks.

PS I now have my very own blog-specific email address (redheadfashionista@hotmail.com) so feel free to fill me in on any hot fashion gossip you've heard.


Dream Payday - Lady Knight in Shining Armour

Ah yes, as payday rolls around, I dream like a fool of the stuff I would buy if my name mysteriously got mixed up with 'Wintour, Anna' or 'Cruz, Penelope' (not that I'm mistaken for either ever, shame). And as terrified as I am of the departure of black from the 'cool' list come spring and summer, there is one instance where I would accept wearing sludgy green.

Ah Balmain. It never fails. Sure, it's sludgy green, and I was never really convinced by their demin military jackets (OMG SCANDAL), but I could easily be convinced if a delivery of their warrior-goddess-awesomeness chainmail top (far left) turned up on my doorstep.
Anyone? Balmain? I promise I would name my first baby Balmain and insert Balmain into every sentence from now until I die. Like the vampire kid in South Park, per se, Balmain?

Is this fashion opportunism too far?

Now, don't get me wrong, I love a high street rip-off just as much as the next budgeting fashionista, but this latest case of casual catwalk theft riled me just a little.
Remember this dress?

Yeah, that cute little Luella number that Luella's unofficial poster girl rocked out at some hip party or other. And as far as nauseatingly sweet little girly dresses go, even I liked this one.
And, clearly, so did the head honchos at Matalan.
Flipping through Grazia this week, I spotted a montage of spring floral wardrobe pieces, and nestled in among cute little floral tops and dinky little floral bags was...oh wait, it's the Luella dress! Identical in every detail! But priced at £25, by Matalan.

Isn't that a sad eulogy there? Luella, floundering in the murk of the recession, is already cheap as chips on its website, so could Matalan have chosen a worse time to rub salt into their wounds by releasing a knock-off of their dress so cheap that, soon, everyone will be able to wear it? Like a funeral outfit? Call me a bit loopy but I kind of view this as, well, insulting the deceased. Bad karma, Matalan. But I do predict a sell-out.



I will apologise to any people who check this for some sort of sophisticated commentary, but yesterday I just felt the need to cheer myself up by pretending I was young enough and cool enough to get away with this kind of thing. Plus, Skins is starting again soon.

Hello, I am a hobo.

I decided to visit the sales one last time and also decided to fall headfirst into the apparently newly cool '90s hobo' trend. Which, according to my bible, Grazia, is making a comeback, provided it's worn polished, aka expensive.
Thankfully my nice new hobo jacket (as modelled above, blue and green tartan with fur-lined hood) was nicely, newly (as in wasn't even a sticker on the label) reduced to £20 - result! I decided to trash it up with some Sadie boots from Kurt Geiger. They remind me of the boots Alexandra Burke wears in the 'Bad Boys' video; they are slutty, but not Louboutins. I am sad.
Though apparently Primark does a version of those Loubs for under £20. Some joker on Ebay is selling them for £34.99. Ha. Yeah.
Signing off, Zoidberg, the Lovable Tramp!


Another thing to make you happy...Giles SS'10

Never mind that those trousers, on any normal person, would look like the wearer had escaped from the set of Starmites, look at that adorable bag!
I want to put all my goodies in a tiny, metallic triceratops!
And even though I'm a total arachnophobe, I would wear that t-shirt.


And this made ME happy...

Look who popped up as 'Look of the Week' in Grazia this week.
Wait, doesn't that 'directional' cape look familiar?
Oh, hello! Who told y'all that tartan was making a comeback? Who said capes were the way forward?
Ok, it wasn't just me.....

This will make you smile...

Socks with WIZARDS on them!!!!!!!!

Hope that was a nice little pick-me-up for everyone complaining about the snow. Worn with my dearly beloved Skittles (in black, yes I have them in blue too) in a dorky contrast I hope Tavi and Jane 'Sea of Shoes' will be proud of.
Sorry the pics are a bit crap; was in a hurry.


DeathSuits - Little Red

As I mused further on the topic of icons in iconic clothing, I couldn't help but notice an abundance of girls in red. 

Don't Look Now - the little girl in red is a constant presence in the film, and noticeable immediately as very few other characters in the film even seem to wear colour.

Schindler's List - an even more iconic little girl in red, and an even more iconic flash of colour in a muted world.

And what about her?

Remember her? Neo certainly did. Yes, the girl in red sure is a popular image used by filmmakers. So maybe including a little splash of red in my ultimate outfit would be wise. Maybe gloves.

How fickle is fashion

So, in preparation for my mainline into the fashion world, I have stocked up on loads of fierce, ghetto-fabulous heels like my electric blue 'Skittle' heels, and then the bloody fashion world says KITTEN HEELS are back. Kitten heels. You know, the things that the entire cool set took the piss out of for, like, ever, and the things that you are advised to wear if you are a) 8, b) 80, or c) at school.

But now, the vicious anti-kitten campaign has got so vicious that they have actually gone right round from being hopelessly uncool to being the coolest thing on the block.

Those courts there? They're LOUBOUTIN! King of the beautiful, impractical shoe. Oh dear.

And those tassled creations Pocahontas would happily gambol around in? Vuitton.

The world's gone mad. And, might I add, cruel. Just as we've mastered walking in towering heels, the Wicked Witch of the (Cat)Walk has decreed that all our toils will have been in vain (at least, for the next season).

Thankfully, there are still plenty of sky-scraper heels trotting around, at Louboutin and elsewhere. It just seems that they are thinking of Posh's bunions and giving us a bit of variety.

And, as always, McQueen comes up trumps with the last word.

Ahahaha. Can I get a Gaga, ooh la la?

Anyone wanna lend me £695?

Yes it's named after the terminally irritating Miss Chung (yes she's beautiful, but...) but it's so...pretty....
Next mission, acquire some Mulberry.