Ahhhh the relief

Got my hair cut today, so much relief! Namely because it means I can do my roots again (nothing looks worse than dodgy roots, and no root looks worse than a root that's almost the colour of the rest of the hair but not quite) and I feel so much better with freshly dyed shiny hair.
No, I'm not totally naturally red. I like to enhance what I have, like a push-up bra, eyeliner or lipstick. It's just a part of our world nowadays.
Would LOVE to go platinum and am still sooooo tempted.....but then I would DEFINITELY have to rename the blog.
Besides, then I wouldn't be able to list myself alongside such fabulous redheads as....

Ah isn't she amazing? This is the EXACT look I gave some kids where I wore who were taking the piss out of ginger people when I was right behind them.

I really want a top just like that. I am also trying to cultivate that flick-over fringe.
Ahhhhh  but Allison is so cool too. She's got this AMAZING bone structure, while Molly manages to make having a baby face work. I am watching ANTM right now so I have to say FIIIIIIIIERCE.
PS I am well impressed that I have nearly managed a post a day this month!
PPS http://www.justgiving.com/CharlieSimpson-HAITI. Charlie Simpson got the idea of cycling 5 miles round his local park to raise money for Haiti, after he got upset by pictures on the news. Charlie's target was £500. Thus far he's raised over £170,000. Please help him raise more!
Oh, and he's seven years old.

Oh, and the reason I posted these is ALSO because there's a GORGEOUS model featued in the beauty section of Grazia who looks like Molly, but with smaller features. She's so pretty and I want to know who she is.

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