Ebay Adventures and Hints of Springs to come

Have spent a treacherous day getting back into Ebay, which is dangerous considering I have no money to spare of late (Thomas Sabo SS collection coming out in a few weeks, reserved pieces, the lovely sales staff are my friends) and have to conclude that unless you have quite a lot of cash and a lot of patience, sorting the treasures from the tat is a full-time job. God knows how Jane SoS and co do it.
Weirdly, for a girl who loves to wear black and layers and look generally pissed off and moody in a pathetic fallacy/Bronte fashion, I am excited about the prospect of spring. Had a gorgeous sunny day here on Sunday and went for several walks, and my sneaky Ipod decided to play all the spring music I generally hide away until the temperature gets above 5 degrees.
So, aside from my new trousers'  imminent arrival, and the rediscovery of my demin shirt (apparently they are coming back, I just look like an 80s throwback/lumberjack in mine, but I can re-style. Hey, that rhymes! I rule!)

Forgot to share this coat with y'all; it's apparently a one-off (they didn't think it would be successful) sample so it's a tad small. I got some new buttons for it because it came with big garish gold ones so adjusted the fit slightly, but mostly wear it open so it's ok. I just loved the 80s Flash Gordon feel of the half'n'half. It's mostly blue, the back is the same.
So until it warms I can just keep wearing this.

But otherwise I've been a pretty dull dresser of late; 'combination of factors, really' as Spike from Nothing Hill would say. Cold, rain, cycling to work and no parties. I am sad.

Here's an amazing Alexander McQueen campaign pic to cheer me up. Another blogger alerted me to it; her blog is called THE RedHeadFashionista, and while I'm kind of annoyed that I didn't check more thoroughly for duplicates when I was naming this blog, can't fault a stylish redhead.
I would otherwise have, most likely, named this blog 'Trouser Addict'. Doesn't roll off your tongue in the same way.


  1. That coat look fantastic on you! What a great find!

    Like you, I didn't check around for any blogs with the same name, but oh well. Trouser Addict would surely have been an interesting name though! :P


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