'Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.'

It's been a busy few days with a very minimal miriad of outfits. As someone who works and thus has a dress code, adventurous dressing a la my fellow bloggers is pretty tricky. I have to make do with trademarks, like skinny jeans and red lipstick. But I try.

And as usual, I am lying about my footwear. I tend to wear either flats or mid-heels for work, as dashing around cleaning, cooking and taking orders in heels is tricky. Should probably have worn black jeans with those boots. Maybe next time. But I have to get a photo of the actual shoes I wore, the most out-of-control flats ever. Well, flat boots.

Thoroughly straightforward outfit today, though I do love this roll-neck jumper. And I remember being made to buy these shoes by a friend of mine, and they don't feel nearly as high now. As the outfit was black and grey, I wore the brightest pink lipstick I have with this amazing electric pink/purple nail polish. Will have to photograph it again.

It's raining atm so I'm getting all nostalgic for the snow from a few weeks ago. Sob. Ah well, there's always the obligatory cold snap in February.
PS I named this post this because I was walking past H&M yesterday and saw that their SS collection was largely made up of florals. As Miranda Priestly says. C'mon high street, let's make things a little interesting!


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  2. Your hair is absolutely stunning, as are you.

  3. love your hair! love the heels!



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