Found it on Ebayyyyy.....

That is a reference, of course, to the hilarious Weird Al Yankovic 'Ebay' song.
But, of course, sung by the Potter Puppet Pals.

We love them. They are clearly happy with their Ebay purchase.
Anyway, I haven't bought anything yet (though I may unwittingly buy a Topshop jumper for £2 as interest in it seems to have died) but am eyeing up a bag (provided it's legit of course).

It's so pretty and velvet and blue and Marc.
Otherwise been a pretty quiet boring day, have a ladder in my tights which annoys me, and my parents have gone away so I have a big empty house :( spooooookyyyyyyyy).
But my floral trousers arrived! And they FIT! All that hard time in the gym paying off! Plus have discovered how cool tribal prints are for spring so can dig out an amazing vintage dress I found, and look forward to a dress I got in the Asos sale arriving.
And my sneaky trip to Thomas Sabo this weekend...wooooo.

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