I will apologise to any people who check this for some sort of sophisticated commentary, but yesterday I just felt the need to cheer myself up by pretending I was young enough and cool enough to get away with this kind of thing. Plus, Skins is starting again soon.

Hello, I am a hobo.

I decided to visit the sales one last time and also decided to fall headfirst into the apparently newly cool '90s hobo' trend. Which, according to my bible, Grazia, is making a comeback, provided it's worn polished, aka expensive.
Thankfully my nice new hobo jacket (as modelled above, blue and green tartan with fur-lined hood) was nicely, newly (as in wasn't even a sticker on the label) reduced to £20 - result! I decided to trash it up with some Sadie boots from Kurt Geiger. They remind me of the boots Alexandra Burke wears in the 'Bad Boys' video; they are slutty, but not Louboutins. I am sad.
Though apparently Primark does a version of those Loubs for under £20. Some joker on Ebay is selling them for £34.99. Ha. Yeah.
Signing off, Zoidberg, the Lovable Tramp!

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