How fickle is fashion

So, in preparation for my mainline into the fashion world, I have stocked up on loads of fierce, ghetto-fabulous heels like my electric blue 'Skittle' heels, and then the bloody fashion world says KITTEN HEELS are back. Kitten heels. You know, the things that the entire cool set took the piss out of for, like, ever, and the things that you are advised to wear if you are a) 8, b) 80, or c) at school.

But now, the vicious anti-kitten campaign has got so vicious that they have actually gone right round from being hopelessly uncool to being the coolest thing on the block.

Those courts there? They're LOUBOUTIN! King of the beautiful, impractical shoe. Oh dear.

And those tassled creations Pocahontas would happily gambol around in? Vuitton.

The world's gone mad. And, might I add, cruel. Just as we've mastered walking in towering heels, the Wicked Witch of the (Cat)Walk has decreed that all our toils will have been in vain (at least, for the next season).

Thankfully, there are still plenty of sky-scraper heels trotting around, at Louboutin and elsewhere. It just seems that they are thinking of Posh's bunions and giving us a bit of variety.

And, as always, McQueen comes up trumps with the last word.

Ahahaha. Can I get a Gaga, ooh la la?

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