I guess they know I'm BA-A-A-A-AD!

It's a Saturday night and I'm not tired, but need to eradicate Pitch Black and The Dark Knight, (accompanying dinner and movie night at work) from brain to help sleep. So, Confessions of a Shopaholic while the pets scamper. It's such a crap film and I prefer the real Becky Bloomwood, but the soundtrack RAWKS. Hence the post title (good ol' Pussycat Dolls....yeah). 
Went shopping today for the first time in a few...weeks (I try) to see all my friends at the Chanel counter and in Thomas Sabo. Their new collection has come in, it's GORGEOUS. Have been saving for a piece of it.
A little bit of Navajo gorgeousness. I am well sorted if Jacob Black ever wants to re-imprint....
If you haven't come across Sabo yet, get into it. Here are a few more gems.
Well, ok, the top one is Sabo. It's a little heart with cubic zirconia crystals. They had it in black and red-pink but the white is best. The other necklace is by *goes to check* Azuni. I love it because it's kinda medieval-looking, and also reminds me of Baz Lurman's Romeo and Juliet. 

I love love LOVE this sword (waited so long to get it and was totally worth it), and the peace sign is so easy to wear, simple and classic. I didn't actually wear them together, thought that would be a bit of an oxymoron, but thought that they would be cool to display together.

Anywayyyyy, random swag-sharing post over. I had a total outfit change before eventually leaving to go shopping. Here's what I started off with...
My Gap shorts, trusty gilet and those 'out of control flats' I was talking about. I LOVE these boots, they are my Effy Stonem boots and they are so a) comfy and b) badass. Though not very subtle or steathly. 
And this is what I ended up with...

Not sure about this pose, makes me look fat. Ah well. Got a chance to wear this jacket again, I love it but hardly wear it atm as it's still a bit too cold. As I discovered later on, brrrr. 
Also my Current/Elliott jeans (gotta love Harvey Nichols sales) which are so soft and comfy. And my trusty black wedge heels from Office, which actually need re-heeling!
As well as my new necklace, I got a cardigan from Primark (navy, not black! Hurrah!) and some amazing Kurt Geiger shoes that have gone from £160 to £35 in the sales. Result! Good things come to those who wait.

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