The ice was getting thinner....(I wish)

It's bloody treacherous out there at the moment - can't leave the house without face-planting into the ice, or in my case whole-side-of-my-body-planting when I came off my bike. Grrrrrr at the world.
So I cheered myself up by squeezing my poor bruised leg and less bruised other leg into my newest pair of trousers, how I love the Topshop sale.

(Here's RedHead in her signature pose - I have more, I just look like a twit.)
They is STUDDED! Coooooooool! Tight as anything, which makes sitting down tricky, but they will tuck beautifully into my knee-boots and mean I can keep the top to a minimum. White old-man t-shirt City!
You're probably wondering whether I have anything in my wardrobe other than that wrap jumper. The answer is yes, but I like it too much.
Besides, I was going to a concert and I needed something warm.

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