Inspiration Boards

It seems to be the cool thing to do among bloggers to upload a cleverly composited photo of all their many inspirations. Sadly, my Photoshop skills are not that good.

I do, however, have two inspiration noticeboards hanging from my walls, so I thought I'd share them with you.

I re-do them every few months. Here is one; it features, among other things:

An amazing Vogue shoot with Pixie Geldof (appears on both boards actually),
The AW 09 DandG and Mulberry campaigns (I love those girls with the huge hair running through the woods),
A very cool picture I found of a girl with a raven (not sure what it's advertising),
One of many photoshoots for LFW 25 Years, featuring Kate Moss. I don't normally like Kate Moss but it's such an amazing image, and
Daisy Lowe, because we love her.

Here is the second one. It hasn't worked as well as the first in terms of the colour palette (I think about these things too much), but it's a collection of some amazing pictures, including;
The incredible Freja Beha in the Vogue shoot that made me fall in love with her (not literally),
One of the many illustrations of 'Mademoiselle', the Elle columnist, because she's a great writer,
A big picture of a heart,
Some AMA-ZING eye makeup technique for a shoot in Grazia, which I am still trying to perfect,
Some cute little model wearing Luella, and,
The fabulous Taylor 'Legs' Momsen.

And, of course, some random words so I look like a super-cool rebel.

Hope you enjoyed! I'll put up some pics again when I change them round.

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  1. Fabulous inspiration boards! They're always so much fun to make! :)


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