Is this fashion opportunism too far?

Now, don't get me wrong, I love a high street rip-off just as much as the next budgeting fashionista, but this latest case of casual catwalk theft riled me just a little.
Remember this dress?

Yeah, that cute little Luella number that Luella's unofficial poster girl rocked out at some hip party or other. And as far as nauseatingly sweet little girly dresses go, even I liked this one.
And, clearly, so did the head honchos at Matalan.
Flipping through Grazia this week, I spotted a montage of spring floral wardrobe pieces, and nestled in among cute little floral tops and dinky little floral bags was...oh wait, it's the Luella dress! Identical in every detail! But priced at £25, by Matalan.

Isn't that a sad eulogy there? Luella, floundering in the murk of the recession, is already cheap as chips on its website, so could Matalan have chosen a worse time to rub salt into their wounds by releasing a knock-off of their dress so cheap that, soon, everyone will be able to wear it? Like a funeral outfit? Call me a bit loopy but I kind of view this as, well, insulting the deceased. Bad karma, Matalan. But I do predict a sell-out.

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