It's wearing florals!

So, my floral trousers arrived...and wonder of wonders, they fit! And wonder of more wonders.....

They actually look kinda good!
You think?
I styled 'em in about three seconds. Amber Le Bon wears them on Asos with a black vest top and some black wedge sandals. I don't like vest tops as, in my opinion, only teeny tiny shorthaired girls look good in vest tops. I need to find a good halterneck supplier...
So I wore them with a short-sleeved white shirt and my black Skittle lace-up boots. Watch this space for variations!

Isn't my bathroom sexy? NOT. That brush is such a joke, I have about enough hair for a COMB and that's it. Just had to snap a quick pick of my 'I've been eating blackberries and they are sooooo goooood' lippie. Elizabeth Arden in Black Cherry, looks much more pinky-purple with the flash on but without it's almost black. I love it. And I love my dinky lil camera :). 

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