Unfortunately the snow has prevented me from wearing anything super-chic (unless 70s flared jeans are back, eek) but I still have some lovely pictures for you.

Check out my hair! This was taken almost a year ago in the last big snowfall in Britain, and a friend of mine and I took to the local park for 'Selly Oak's Next Top Model' photoshoot. It was fun. She was braver than me and wore far fewer clothes, but I was not brave enough. I still have all the things here - dress from Topshop, a variety of socks, black faux-fur that was a birthday present yonks ago. I still love it.

This is the park at the end of my road. Isn't it pretty?
Enjoy the snow! I get my first ever snow day tomorrow - no school so no work for me! Woop woop! I may go walk in the snow some more or do some cheeky shopping. Or curl up infront of the fire with a good book. Or Elle. It's got Natalie Portman on the cover this month, so it's already winning.

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