Targets and Beautiful Cosmetics

I had to add another post as then I would have a post for every day of the year so far! Go me! I wanted to be serious about this and contribute to it regularly so all you guys who read it (I say 'all'...) have something new to look at every day. And plus, now I can get annoyed at other bloggers who don't update for weeks.
Anyway, enough of being smug. I bought myself a new perfume the other week and I am obsessed with it (not even opened it yet but am excited). I practically collect perfumes, got so many, plus my parents buy me a bottle of my favourite ('Flower' by Kenzo) every Christmas so I have about four bottles of that.

My all-time faves are 'Flower', Dolce and Gabanna's 'The One', which is my ultimate wintry scent (it just smells of London department stores and Christmas extravagance), 'Dior Me Dior Me Not' which was a Limited Edition and the first perfume I ever bought, and Tea Rose oil from The Body Shop because it's fresh, gorgeous and so cheap!

But anyway, wanted to post a pic of the campaign and bottle as they are both so beautiful and ethereal.

Ah good ol' Lancome. I am loving their lipsticks as well, they have the perfect hot pink that I will acquire at some point.
Apparently this is Kate Winslet, she looks amazing! I love this campaign because of how rich the lipstick looks.

I also LOVE this MAC campaign from the summer, so much that I demanded the makeup artist show me how to do the lip. It's a colour called Trimming Talk, with a peachy-gold loose powder (not sure of the product name) and some nude gloss to give it a shimmer. I get it ALL over wine glasses.
I thought I'd just throw some beauty-related stuff into this blog too (hence my new tag 'The Beautiful Life'). Fellow blogger Fashion Bananas is a makeup artist and does amazing makeup for herself so I thought I'd get in on the action as I have a HELL of a lot of lipsticks!

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