Trophy blog finds and top tunes

Spent the obligatory amount of time trawling through other peoples' blogs and found some schweet things that I thought I'd share.
This is from Couture Carrie; I am in sweet bloody love with this dress. When I get married I want to wear a dress cut just like this, probably have to be in white though. Snore.
This is from Life by Ida, she did a gorgeous homage to Johnny and Kate. What with the impending split of Brangelina (thank God, so bored of it now) it felt right to look back on such a beautiful couple.
Was also doing my daily browse of Sea of Shoes (Jane must be sick of me) and found some stuff about her music taste - she likes Roxy Music so she has even more respect. One of her friends posted this video and it's such a cool tune I want to share it too. Reminds me of Roxy and Roxy makes me think of summer. Yes it's only January but I do love long lazy summer sunsets that last for hours accompanied by Roxy and Phil Collins. Take a Look by Martin Dupont, superawesome.
Other cool tuuuuunes....hmmmmm.
Alice by Cocteau Twins, really ethereal and quirky.
Better Than This by Keane, feel a bit sad for still liking Keane but I've loved this song for years and only just discovered that it's by Keane!
Ok, this song is possibly the most beautiful song I've ever heard, listening to it just makes me think of summer and how everything will be alright. It's Not Too Late by Phil Collins
But because it's winter and I can't be listening to summer songs in winter, I opt for this for my hit of uplifting gorgeousness. Fear by Sarah McLachlan
When I have more time I'll do a list of all my favourite film scores, I love them!

Oh, and in other random news, I finally managed to put a link to email me into my blog! So someone other than Professor X the Viagra supplier can send me an email!

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  1. I'd consider getting married in any colour but white or its blandy derivatives. That dress would be in the running justas it is!


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