Winter Berries

Not that there are many of them around; those of you who have seen satellite photos of Britain will know that it's about as green as Tiger Woods (ba dum bum chish), so the berries I'm talking about are pretty well hidden, or confined to Sainsburys.

But in my resolution to inject more colour into my wardrobe, I took some berrylicious inspiration.

This (left) wasn't the coat I was hoping to find a picture of, but it's another shining example of how Blair is the queen of pretty much every shade, and this berry beauty is one of them. Unfortunately I don't have the budget or the patience to hunt for a coat like this (though I did find a great coat the other week, post to follow) so I had to make do with the first thing I could find.

I love slouchy knits. And I love Primark. Combine the two and you get this lovely berry beauty; perfect for the snow as it's snuggly and warm, and has a nice big rollneck that becomes a hood when I feel like being a glamourous hobo or have just seen The Road.

Of course, I didn't actually wear those shoes out. This weather calls for nothing but walking boots. I didn't fall over once.

But I am slightly obsessed with cranberries. I drink cranberry juice like a fish. My bed sheets are cranberry-coloured. It's like some sort of boudouir. Full of Primark bags and shoes. 

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