Alphabet Fashion Soup - G is for...Galliano

I was all prepared to do a post on Gucci in homage to my dearly loved (yet still not used, weather is rubbish) Gucci bag, when Gwen Stefani's voice popped into my head: 'and let's not forget about John Galliano!' He designed her wedding dress, after all.
How could I have forgotten about the other male British fashion maverick, and namely the one who looks like a pirate/Libertine? I don't know. 
For Galliano is now left to fill the void of fashion twisted genius left by McQueen. And his fearless eccentricity fits the bill nicely. Born in Gibraltar to a Gibraltar father and a Spanish mother, he moved to London at the age of six. His graduate collection (for a fashion design degree at Central St Martins) was themed around the French Revolution and promptly bought by Browns. The majority of his collections since then have been themed around the extravagance yet revolutionary spirit of pre- and post-Revolution France. Talking of France, Galliano has also designed for Givenchy (becoming the first British designer to head a French fashion house) and Dior. 
But enough of the random facts. What everyone knows about Galliano is his love of drama and outrageousness, and there's no better way to express that than through a little montage...

From a twist on 1930s elegance to the peasant girls of Russia, from the Palace Guards to Zorro and the outlaws of popular folklore, no corner of society seems out of scope for this otherworldly visionary. Let's just hope one day I can own a piece of his majesty. 
Though I do have one small thing; his fragrance, which also has an amazing campaign. 
I've got to try that eye makeup. Maybe not for work.

A day of uncertain weather

And this is what I wore today to school chapel (I am not just a sucker for punishment, I like to sing in the choir). It's quite hard to figure out what to wear; all the pupils are in their choir-robes and the staff are in their gowns.
Yet another dress that I'd forgotten I had, lovely mushroom skirt, terracotta top and neckerchief-esque white collar with buttons. It's from a diffusion line at Asos. I really should wear it more (universal refrain). 

Yup, will definitely wear it more come summer, with bare legs and some gladiator sandals, and minimal makeup. Which reminds me, I hope to do a makeup post soon, as I have enough of it!
Off to see A Single Man tonight, only one cinema in my city is showing it! Where's the support for our Colin? I ask you. Oh well. Sure I can squeeze in a portion of Alphabet Soup before then.

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues

I felt like going a little bit 80s mad and dug out my zebra-print skinny trousers from last summer. Ah good trousers.
I have clearly been watching a bit too much ANTM, but had been having a discussion with some friends about The Lion King musical so I'm being some sort of zebra-dancer.

I really need to get my black leather jacket cleaned.

'This, my friends, is FALSE ADVERTISING!'

I was WELL excited when I opened The Times' colour supplement this week and read the news of an upcoming collaboration between Erickson Beamon and Urban Outfitters. I mean, Erickson Beamon! As in Blair Waldorf's favourite jewellers! And Urban Outfitters! As in....where you go if you want to dress like Alexa and Florence on the not-as-cheap-as-you'd-expect. 
But any doubts I had were put to rest when I saw the accompanying picture.
Gorgeous isn't it? 
But, lo and behold, a bit of digging revealed it ISN'T ERICKSON BEAMON, but is in fact by a designer called Shourouk, whose pieces can be found on Urban Outfitters' website
Some Pictures Ed deserves a slapped wrist, methinks.
(I actually this necklace is far nicer than any of the actual collection. Sorry EB, I will continue to lust after your own brand beauties.)


That's the way we get by...

My self-imposed exile from cutting-edge high street fashion couldn't have come at a worse time. Warehouse is bringing out some lovely khaki stuff, including some slim-fit combat trousers that I'm itching to try on, and Kurt Geiger, as usual, has come up with the goods.
Oh cruel world. They are Rick Owens/Wangtastic.
Not sure if I really like these, but they are the nicest pair of clogs I've found that are black, without a stupid heel and will be possible to keep on.
I couldn't resist these, even though they are pastel and a big Chung-y. But they are insanely comfortable after a season of stupid heels.
April feels so far away...

Alphabet Fashion Soup - F is for...Frank Tell

From the well-known to the so-obscure-they-aren't-even-on-Wikipedia. Today's Alphabet Soup brings you the New York-based designer Frank Tell, who seems to be such a well-kept secret that I can't find out anything about him other than the fact that he has only been showing at New York Fashion Week for two years.
But what he has shown show craftsmanship usually reserved for fine tailoring, kept interesting by his choice of fabrics.
Love these two, the black reminds me of my lovely black gilet, except I don't have the fabulous legs that the model does to make it look so good. Maybe I should get a big wide belt too.

Baco-Foil made cool.

Loving the geranium shoulders and another wide waist-belt.
Now THAT'S how I want to do carrot-leg trousers.
The silver dress with off-centred snood reminds me of the dresses made by fictional designer James Holt in The Devil Wears Prada. The whole 'east-meets-west' thing. A bit of a buzzword for me, in case you haven't noticed.
(Sorry if my post tonight is pretty disjointed and trite, it's exactly like the live music that is currently been played at work - gotta love private school kids and their love of the acoustic guitar and Jack Johnson riffs! NOT. Gimme some Roxy, quick.)

Adam and Alex say no, children. Let's be dandy highwaymen and listen to Beethoven.
PS As the ultimate test of my resolve I agreed to go to lunch with my mum in town today (she was paying) which meant I had to walk past SHOPS. I have given up shopping for Lent, remember? Oh yes. But I was strong, and came away having bought only shampoo and cotton wool pads. A triumph over temptation!


I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear

I went to the theatre last night (oh how cultured) and I thankfully found something to wear; my Ostwald Helgason for Asos tunic. Bloody hard for a normal person to wear as in reality (as with a lot of Asos clothes) the torso is ridiculously overlong. And I have a long torso. Damn stylists.
I look well surly, which is probably because I'd cycled home from work in the rain and got changed in five minutes.

Alphabet Fashion Soup - E is for...Erdem

There's not that many designers that begin with E, I've discovered. Thankfully, I already had one in mind; a gorgeous little flowered dress appeared on the pages of Vogue, fresh as a spring shower but not in the least cliched of the usual crop of summer catwalk florals.
It's got Carey Mulligan written all over it. It's quaint yet elegant, and reminds me of one of the flower gardens in Memoirs of a Geisha.
The designer, Erdem Moralio─člu, is half-Turkish and half-Canadian, the winner of the Fashion Fringe in 2004, and a former intern of Diane von Furstenberg and Vivienne Westwood. He is now based in London after studying in Canda and working in New York, and has been at London Fashion Week for the last four years.
His clothes are, by and large, a beautiful fusion of east meets west, with sweet yet strong prints, no-nonsense cuts and the delicate definition of the female shape.

I love the last two layered, light dresses, very like the latest Chanel show and somehow fusing Victoriana with orential, geisha-girl style. It's something I can see Emily Blunt wearing. Or a cool high-fashion Tinkerbell. Or Alice.
Ooooh, on that note, I've been wanting to post this for ayyyyyges because they are so beautiful (from Annie Leibovitz's Disney photography series).

It's Aleksandr Petrovsky! Hurrah!
And I also love this one from the set of Marie Antoinette....
Enjoy y'all! I am WELL excited about the return of True Blood to British TV. Good times.

Alphabet Fashion Soup - D is for...Double Whammy/Ann Demeulemeester and Dries van Noten

It's a late one tonight as I've been at the theatre and my rats are currently demolishing my bed, so this may not actually hit the 'net until tomorrow. On a mission!
Did a double tonight as I love both the designers and because they are linked; both part of the 'Antwerp Six', a group of six Belgian designers whose distinctive and outlandish style put them on the map in the 1980s. 
Today, I found out about them largely through Sea of Shoes as its author, Jane, is always wearing her Ann Demeulemeester boots. 

Both divine, and with a curving heel mirroring the curve of the heel (of the foot). And it's a sensible heel height too! I would kill for a pair of these. Partly because Ann Demeulemeester is so much fun to say!
But she does some fabulous, gothic-cool fashion too. 
Kinda pirate meets goth meets punk-rocker. I loves it. 
Dries van Noten does beautiful clothing too, but in a slightly wider colour palette.
And does some lovely, tribal-chic shoes.
So there you have it, a double whammy of European fashion rocknroll legends! And sadly it's after midnight, so I didn't manage to post yesterday. But considering this was started on Thursday, I'll let myself off.