Alphabet Fashion Soup - B is for...Basso & Brooke

I know, I know, I've done a post on them already. But it was them or Balmain, and I bet you're bored of hearing about Balmain from other bloggers.
So Basso & Brooke it is, a design duo from Sao Paulo and....Newart-on-Trent. Damn. I was hoping it would be alliterative. Described as 'the Pixar of clothes' (amazing! That's a better accolade than winning a Nobel prize!) thanks to their use of digital printing within their fashion, they first made an impact on the fashion scene in 2004 when they won Fashion Fringe, a year after they launched their label. They've only been around for a few years, but already they've made quite an impact with a distinctive flair for colour and prints that brighten up proceedings in the way that Galliano, Katrantzou and *sniff* McQueen would do, yet fused with a fine eye for construction, and a knowledge of what flatters a woman, that can only come from the timeless houses and the very best. As a result, I'm sure Basso & Brooke are poised for greatness.
Let's have a look at some of their amazing creations...
Though across the seasons their basic formula of stunning pattern with a streamlined cut hasn't changed, every new design is something exciting for the sheer beauty of each pattern, and the riot of colour therein. 
Or, to put it another way, Basso & Brooke are bloody awesome.

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