Alphabet Fashion Soup - E is for...Erdem

There's not that many designers that begin with E, I've discovered. Thankfully, I already had one in mind; a gorgeous little flowered dress appeared on the pages of Vogue, fresh as a spring shower but not in the least cliched of the usual crop of summer catwalk florals.
It's got Carey Mulligan written all over it. It's quaint yet elegant, and reminds me of one of the flower gardens in Memoirs of a Geisha.
The designer, Erdem Moralio─člu, is half-Turkish and half-Canadian, the winner of the Fashion Fringe in 2004, and a former intern of Diane von Furstenberg and Vivienne Westwood. He is now based in London after studying in Canda and working in New York, and has been at London Fashion Week for the last four years.
His clothes are, by and large, a beautiful fusion of east meets west, with sweet yet strong prints, no-nonsense cuts and the delicate definition of the female shape.

I love the last two layered, light dresses, very like the latest Chanel show and somehow fusing Victoriana with orential, geisha-girl style. It's something I can see Emily Blunt wearing. Or a cool high-fashion Tinkerbell. Or Alice.
Ooooh, on that note, I've been wanting to post this for ayyyyyges because they are so beautiful (from Annie Leibovitz's Disney photography series).

It's Aleksandr Petrovsky! Hurrah!
And I also love this one from the set of Marie Antoinette....
Enjoy y'all! I am WELL excited about the return of True Blood to British TV. Good times.

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