Alphabet Fashion Soup - F is for...Frank Tell

From the well-known to the so-obscure-they-aren't-even-on-Wikipedia. Today's Alphabet Soup brings you the New York-based designer Frank Tell, who seems to be such a well-kept secret that I can't find out anything about him other than the fact that he has only been showing at New York Fashion Week for two years.
But what he has shown show craftsmanship usually reserved for fine tailoring, kept interesting by his choice of fabrics.
Love these two, the black reminds me of my lovely black gilet, except I don't have the fabulous legs that the model does to make it look so good. Maybe I should get a big wide belt too.

Baco-Foil made cool.

Loving the geranium shoulders and another wide waist-belt.
Now THAT'S how I want to do carrot-leg trousers.
The silver dress with off-centred snood reminds me of the dresses made by fictional designer James Holt in The Devil Wears Prada. The whole 'east-meets-west' thing. A bit of a buzzword for me, in case you haven't noticed.
(Sorry if my post tonight is pretty disjointed and trite, it's exactly like the live music that is currently been played at work - gotta love private school kids and their love of the acoustic guitar and Jack Johnson riffs! NOT. Gimme some Roxy, quick.)

Adam and Alex say no, children. Let's be dandy highwaymen and listen to Beethoven.
PS As the ultimate test of my resolve I agreed to go to lunch with my mum in town today (she was paying) which meant I had to walk past SHOPS. I have given up shopping for Lent, remember? Oh yes. But I was strong, and came away having bought only shampoo and cotton wool pads. A triumph over temptation!

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