Alphabet Fashion Soup - G is for...Galliano

I was all prepared to do a post on Gucci in homage to my dearly loved (yet still not used, weather is rubbish) Gucci bag, when Gwen Stefani's voice popped into my head: 'and let's not forget about John Galliano!' He designed her wedding dress, after all.
How could I have forgotten about the other male British fashion maverick, and namely the one who looks like a pirate/Libertine? I don't know. 
For Galliano is now left to fill the void of fashion twisted genius left by McQueen. And his fearless eccentricity fits the bill nicely. Born in Gibraltar to a Gibraltar father and a Spanish mother, he moved to London at the age of six. His graduate collection (for a fashion design degree at Central St Martins) was themed around the French Revolution and promptly bought by Browns. The majority of his collections since then have been themed around the extravagance yet revolutionary spirit of pre- and post-Revolution France. Talking of France, Galliano has also designed for Givenchy (becoming the first British designer to head a French fashion house) and Dior. 
But enough of the random facts. What everyone knows about Galliano is his love of drama and outrageousness, and there's no better way to express that than through a little montage...

From a twist on 1930s elegance to the peasant girls of Russia, from the Palace Guards to Zorro and the outlaws of popular folklore, no corner of society seems out of scope for this otherworldly visionary. Let's just hope one day I can own a piece of his majesty. 
Though I do have one small thing; his fragrance, which also has an amazing campaign. 
I've got to try that eye makeup. Maybe not for work.

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  1. I really REALLY like the outfit in the second pic down. Damn you. And damn myself for buy 2 consecutive issues of Vogue.


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