Alphabet Fashion Soup - A is for....Altuzarra

Flipping through this month's Vogue, (which is possibly the best issue of it that I've read, nice one Vogue) I spotted some lovely long-limbed models decked out in a kind of Pippi Longstocking meets Navajo meets Heidi ensemble. It sounds mad, and it probably is. But it caught my eye and held it, as all great fashion should. 
I read the feature that accompanied the image, about one Joseph Altuzarra, who has worked with Proenza Schouler and Marc Jacobs, and originally trained as a ballet dancer. Vogue seems as happy as I am that he turned his talent to pattern-cutting instead of plies (sorry, lame things like that are kind of my trademark). 
Looking up his Fall 2010 collection, you won't be at all surprised that I like it, because it's gothic vampire chicness overload, rather like what Bella from Twilight would wear if she was, well, y'know, cool. 
But there's something theatrical about all Altuzarra's work, yet ulta-flattering. It's beautifully cut (presumably Givenchy and work at Nina Ricci's atelier helped with that) but resembles gloriously wearable costumes, made more wearable by flattering varying hemlines. The models look playful yet fearsome, majestic at all times yet with a hint of a little girl who went a bit crazy with the dressing up box. Believe me, if I had access to clothes like that, I'd go a little nuts too. 

Here are some of my favourite outfits from his so far short, yet by no means dull career. He only launched in 2008, and here's hoping for great things to come. 
 Yeah, I went a bit overboard on the gothic, Volturri (sorry, sad but true comparison) look of the Fall 2010 collection. But I do love the sweet yet strong Navajo girlishness of Spring 2010. It's very Bat for Lashes, and believe it or not I was all over feather headdresses last summer.

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