Alphabet Fashion Soup

While I was on the train on the way home from my fabulous little London trip, I thought about how sad it is that I will not, unlike many esteemed bloggers who I follow avidly, be able to give front-row insight into the various Fashion Weeks. I'm just a little blogger with her little laptop and no chance of bringing you up to the minute, hot off the catwalk outfits. 
Except this one. 
Androgyny Deyn Breakfast at Tiffany's gloriousness.(Carolina Herrera AW'10, New York. Wish I was there.)
So for my new plan is to, every day, talk about a designer; their looks, a little bio, why I love them, whatever. Tomorrow I will start with the letter 'a'. This will, I hope, allow me a little more insight, help me to name-drop, and give you all a little something more to read than why on earth I thought purple jogging trousers were a good idea. 
So see y'all tomorrow for A is for.....

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