Big Stripey Lie

Finished my wardrobe project, so now when I go to sleep I am stared at by even more high fashion perfection and judgement. I must be insane. Is it weird to be creeped out by photos of people you know but to have no objection to photos of perfect strangers? I only have two photos in my whole room of people I know, and they are tiny. 
I love this jumper, except the arms are super long. They have to be folded up about four times and even then they slide down to my wrists. It's a pretty thin jumper so it's hard to roll. Ah well. It's worth it, Tim Burton-esque. And here it doesn't look fattening (as in the opposite of slimming, not to do with eating it) so I am getting better at my poses. Tyra would be proud. 

Some more self-indulgent posing for my make-up mirror. I love the lipgloss I wore today (a hot, glittering pink by Lancome) but I couldn't get a photo of it where I don't look gormless.
Hope you guys like my addition of pictures in the right-hand column; they're actors, artists and designers (well, only one, I am bad) that I admire, love and am inspired by.

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