Dontcha just love....

...finding something in your newly cleaned wardrobe (I must photograph for posterity) that you hadn't seen/worn for an age?
Yes, I found the Pop! hip-pop from Music and Lyrics
No, I actually found this shaggy cardigan that's apparently in the style of Kimberley Stewart (according to Asos). 

It's warm, comfy and makes me look like an extra from Where The Wild Things Are. Which is all well and good for...last season. 
But sod it, it's too cold to go all SS10 on any asses just yet. 
And besides, she who has McQueen trumps all. 

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Responsibly.  
Freaky hands though. Godamned cold.
PS I have started to really love that silver feather there. It's Sabo, of course. 

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