I'm so hard

Yet again with the khaki top, but I get the feeling that I might have to re-enter Siberia-style dressing as it's supposed to snow. Again. Sensible footwear and yeti jumper City.
But for now, plenty of opportunity for dodgy salutes and pretending I am hard like Rihanna.

I am loving my shrine-drobe (that's its new name, shrine to fashion inside and out. I've done two more of the doors now so the illusion that I am a chic stalker a la Robin Williams in One Hour Photo (I haven't seen it, but my lovely photographer friend Boyd Alexander recommended it - he's so freakin talented, he took my profile photo up there on the right.) 
Check out the neck! And the claw-hand! I would so be off ANTM quicker than that. 
And yes, for those of you with good eyes, I am wearing a 'Peace' necklace. Oh the paradox. I may just blow up.

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